What is an ex-demo car?

The word ‘ex-demo’ is an abbreviation of ex-demonstrator, which are the vehicles dealerships have on display in their showrooms for potential clients to have a look inside and take it for a test drive. You can also see them advertised as ex-display model, ex-demonstration car, demo car, or even demonstrator car.

Usually, after the manufacturer releases a new version of the car, the retailer receives the latest model, replacing the old demo with the brand new one. This is an excellent opportunity for the dealership to pass the savings on to customers, with good value for money offers.


What are the benefits of buying an ex demonstrator car?

Peugeot dealership with a lot of people in the showroom looking at cars

There are many benefits to choosing an ex-display model instead of going for a regular used or brand-new car. Some of the pros are:

  • Savings: You’ll find that most ex-demo vehicles are available for a much more affordable price than a brand new one.
  • Equipment: Most display models are equipped with several extra features that you’d need to purchase separately as an add-on if you were to buy a new car.
  • Warranty: It’s not unusual for ex demonstrator cars to be within manufacturer warranty when they’re put up for sale. Of course, this needs to be checked before finalising the sale, there are good chances that you’ll benefit from some original coverage.
  • Condition: As most ex demo cars have only belonged to the dealerships, they're usually looked after really well. The vehicles are also valeted inside and out and maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Mileage: Ex display models typically only have a few thousand miles on the clock.
  • Single Owner: Usually, the dealership is the only previous owner registered with a V5C certificate, which facilitates with the documentation and vehicle's history.

What are the cons of buying an ex demo car?

Kia dealership with a red Kia car parked on the left and a black car parked on the right. A couple is walking up the counter.

While ex-demo cars offer a wide variety of benefits, there are a couple of factors to consider before you commit to making a decision, including:

  • Pre-specced: Unlike when you decide to buy a brand-new car where you can choose the trim, colour and extra add-ons, when buying a former display model you’ll have to buy what’s available (and there’ll be usually only one option).
  • Wear and Tear: An ex display model is used by several customers to test drive. That's why it's important to check for any signs of wear and tear. We recommend using our used car checklist before making a final decision.

Should I buy an ex demo car?

Jaguar dealership with a red Jaguar parked in the showroom

If you’re in the market for a nearly new car and are searching for the best cost-benefit solution, you should consider exploring the world of ex-demonstrator vehicles. Most people aren’t aware that it’s possible to buy most cars used as demonstrators at dealerships. They are solely used as displays for potential customers to have a look at the inside and have a quick test drive before deciding if that is the vehicle for them.

When the manufacturer sends the newest model to be used in a display, the old demonstrator is made available for purchase at a lower price. This is because it can not be considered brand-new due to the mileage put on when it was taken for the test drives.

Usually, ex demonstrators offer good value for money as they are equipped with some features that are only available as upgrades on brand-new cars, they've only had one previous registered owner, and they're sold for an affordable price.

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Ex demo cars can be an excellent option if you’re in the market for a used vehicle. Aiming at passing savings on to customers, the former display models are good value for money, as they're equipped with extra features that would be charged as add-ons on brand-new vehicles, and they typically only have a few thousand miles on the clock.

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Is an ex demo car classed as new?

An ex demo car is used by dealerships for the purpose of test drives and as a display model in the showroom. They're usually 18 months old and have a few thousand miles on the clock.

How many miles do ex demo cars have?

Ex demo cars are used for test drives and display purposes. Due to the vehicle being driven by several people, it accrues a few thousand miles on the clock.

Do dealers register demo cars?

Usually, dealerships register demonstrator vehicles to themselves to comply with on road regulations. As a result of that, they'll be listed as a previous owner on a V5C document.