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Introducing the new MG Cyberster

Look into the history of MG, and you'll note the roadster models of yesteryear, which were hugely popular.

With the advancement of electric cars and the MG brand continuing its success, making interesting and standout models like the electric MG4, the Cyberster is perhaps the most interesting and striking model yet in this new era of MG.

Get ready to see the return of the legend.

Design and Practicality

The Cyberster is properly striking to say the least - and is the sole sports car in the MG range.

Exotic roadster looks propel the MG Cyberster into a realm that MG hasn't seen itself in for well over a decade; the Cyberster even has pop-up doors.

The Cyberster is not like MG sports cars of old, this is an MG Sports car for the new age. It manages to capture the essence of classic sports car style, but in a bang up-to-date classy silhouette.

As for practicality, this is a sports car, so look elsewhere in the MG range if you want a big boot and more doors.

Red MG Cyberster Front Headlight

Interior, Technology, and Safety

New MG models are brimming with decent technology, and the Cyberster will be no different, especially being fully-electric.

There's no final say on what the Cyberster will feature, but we expect a fully digital interior vibe following the form of other MG models in the range - just enhanced being the latest MG product.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are expected to feature as standard, as they do in other new MG models and safety will undoubtedly not be in short supply either.

Red MG Cyberster With Top Down Birdseye View

Range and Performance

MG sports cars of the past certainly had their loyal fans, and the Cyberster looks to take on sports cars well above what it used to.

Being electric, there will be no engine, opting for a new age electric motor and battery with well over 300bhp and up to 323 miles of electric range.

Performance is rumoured to be well above initial expectations, with the 0 to 62mph sprint being under 5 seconds, whilst an enhanced performance version will more likely have acceleration to match some supercars, with power increased to circa 500bhp.

This is a truly exciting time for the next generation of MG sports car.

Red MG Cyberster Alloy Wheel


We expect various charging times for the upcoming MG Cyberster, with quicker charge times possible via rapid chargers, whilst more familiar timings will also be available via the use of home chargers.

We will of course update in due when more info is available.

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MG Cyberster: Coming soon to MG Evans Halshaw Retailers

The MG Cyberster promises to be a hugely impressive return to the sports car world for MG. Not just another exciting electric car, but one which could put MG firmly back into the sports car hierarchy, or even disrupt it for the better.

To keep up to date with everything MG Cyberster, or to learn more, contact your preferred Evans Halshaw MG retailer today.