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Kia XCeed Plug-in Hybrid

The Kia XCeed Plug-in Hybrid combines the best of both worlds - in more ways than one. As well giving you all the benefits of a hatchback and an SUV in one conveniently sized package, the powertrain makes use of both an electric motor and a combustion engine to drastically reduce emissions and use as little fuel as possible.

Best of both worlds

When fully charged, the Plug-in Hybrid set up allows drivers to travel for up to 36 miles emission-free, using only electric energy. When the juice runs out, the car automatically fires up the combustion engine to charge the batteries and keep you on your way.

This means you can charge up at home (in as little as 2 hours and 15 minutes), commute up to 36 miles using no fuel whatsoever. Then, if you need to go further afield, the petrol engine gives you a total range comparable to a normal petrol or diesel car.

All this technology contributes to official emissions that are as low as 34 g/km and fuel economy that is as high as 188mpg on the combined cycle.
Kia Xceed Hybrid on the road

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