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DS are known for their chic and stylish hatchbacks and funky SUVs, so it was quite an interesting move to see them bring a luxurious saloon to the UK market in late 2021 in the form of the DS 9.

With the saloon market being dominated by German manufacturers, the DS 9 has its work cut out as a used car choice.

On first impressions, it looks like a interesting alternative. Other highlights are listed below.

  • Properly luxurious interior
  • Refined
  • Premium sleek exterior looks
  • Decent safety tech
  • A unique choice in a crowded market

Engines and Driving Experience

DS 9 Rear

When looking at a used DS 9, you'll be able to find a regular petrol version, and two plug-in hybrids.

The regular petrol is a 1.6-litre with 222bhp, good for 0 to 62mph in 8.1 seconds whilst returning up to 43mpg.

You can also get a plug-in hybrid with the above engine, which is essentially the same, just with electric input and enhanced economy (up to 360mpg combined) and total electric running of around 40 miles.

Finally, the most powerful is the E-Tense 360 4x4 plug-in hybrid which offers 355bhp and drops the 0 to 62mph time to 5.6 seconds whilst offering up to 185mpg and around 40 miles of electric range.

The most common DS 9 you'll find used is the plug-in hybrid model with 222bhp. The sole petrol version and range-topping 360 model are quite rare in comparison.

All three drive well, offering a quiet and refined drive with excellent ride quality and neat and responsive steering.

Practicality and Running Costs

DS 9 Front Lights

When compared with fierce German rivals such as the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4, the DS 9 does very well in terms of space and practicality.

There's a decent 510-litre boot, which drops to 473 litres if you choose a DS 9 with the upgraded Focal Electa stereo which robs a little space to pack all its enhanced audio capabilities.

Running costs are pretty good on the whole, as the plug-in hybrids offer great economy, as does the sole petrol when compared to rivals.

Servicing is routine and straightforward and can be completed at your preferred Evans Halshaw DS retailer.

Interior, Technology, and Safety

DS 9 Interior

Interiors are very luxurious and will impress most that find themselves in the driving or passenger seat. The leather choice is striking, with some good looking colour choices to choose from.

However, a minor thing is that some of the switchgear is shared with basic Vauxhall and Peugeot models as DS is part of the Stellantis group.

That said, it doesn't spoil the vibe of the interior much as you're graced with premium feel and a digital instrument cluster and 12-inch infotainment screen.

It does have its typical French style and flair about it, and will look more impressive against some entry-level German saloons.

Safety includes autonomous emergency braking, traffic sign recognition, night vision mode and attention monitoring.

Is the DS 9 right for me?

If you're in the market for a decent luxury saloon that is a bit different to all the German examples out there, then the DS 9 could be ideal for you.

Its stylish French flair can hold its own against more serious German alternatives - it will all come down to personal taste.

It's not cheap, even when used but does offer a luxurious saloon car experience, and you'll do well to see another which certainly has its appeal to some.

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