Road Test Review: Citroën C5 X Shine Plus

Independent review by Edward Stephens

5-minute read

Citroen C5 X Exterior Front

Road Test: Citroën C5 X Shine Plus

Explore the key features of the Citroën C5 X Shine Plus in our expert road test review

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The C5 X stands out from the crowd in the Citroën range, thanks to its unique bodystyle and distinctive design.


  • Sharp looks
  • Refined feel
  • Enjoyable to drive
  • Spacious interior
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Citroën’s super sleek new flagship model is going to appeal to a wide selection of buyers – thanks to clever planning.

For rather than aim at the saloon, estate, or SUV market, the designers were told to target all three with one vehicle.

And they have done a pretty good job of fulfilling their brief.

For the C5 X has the elegant looks of a saloon with coupé-like styling, the carrying capacity of an estate car and the high stance of an SUV.

Engines and Performance

Power comes from a 1.6-litre, 178bhp turbo-charged petrol engine - linked to an 8-speed automatic gearbox - which punches above its weight, ensuring that the C5 X is quick, responsive, and easy to live with.

There’s plenty of reserve power too for when you need it. Switch the driving mode button to Sport rather than eco or normal and things liven up even more, especially when using the paddles behind the steering wheel to take full control.

But whatever mode you drive in, you'll find the C5 X refined, relaxing, and comfortable, thanks in part to Citroën’s unique Advanced Comfort Suspension with progressive hydraulic cushions.

Citroën has always done things a little differently when it comes to suspension, and the C5 X is no exception.

The Advanced Comfort Suspension ensures that the effect of potholes, drains, and speed bumps are ironed out as the “cushions” soften up the ride by adding a more gentle affect rather than a hard stop, keeping everyone onboard happy.
Edward Stephens

On the road it’s incredibly quiet. You can barely hear the engine when cruising. And despite the length of the car – it’s close to 16ft long – it’s superbly manoeuvrable thanks to light steering and a small turning circle.

There’s additional comfort from the Advanced Comfort Seats, which come with 15mm of added memory foam padding to provide even more support on long journeys.

But the suspension and seats are not the only features which make this car easy to live with.

Design and Practicality

The interior is smart and sophisticated, with clean lines and a two-tone colour scheme on the dashboard and doors.

There’s a chunky leather steering wheel with a flat bottom to make getting in and out easier, but surprisingly it’s only adjustable for height and not reach, although the electrically adjustable seats go a long way to compensate for this.

And both the seats and the steering wheel are heated to help when winter arrives.

Equipment and Technology

There’s the excellent head-up display which not only projects into the windscreen the speed you are doing but also the road layout as you approach a junction.

And when it comes to reversing the dashboard-located touch screen shows both the view at the back of the car and an exceptionally clear bird’s eye view from above, making the manoeuvre simple

There’s no gear shift as such, just a neat toggle switch which allows you to engage, drive, or reverse, and as soon as you switch the engine off the electronic handbrake engages automatically. Simple but pleasing when you do a lot of miles in a car.

The same simplicity extends to locking and unlocking the Citroën - because you don’t.

As you approach the car it automatically unlocks before you can even touch the door handle and locks again as you walk away. Great if you are carrying parcels.

And the added bonus on the parcels front is that the tailgate will open automatically if you just move your foot from one side to the other under the rear bumper.

And it’s a car which just feels well-built and solid, with doors which close with the gentlest of pressure.


Extreme versatility, great performance, and stylish looks both inside and out mean there’s little doubt that the Citroën C5 X is all set to be one of its best cars yet. Opt for the top-spec Shine Plus model for a myriad of innovative equipment and helpful driving aids.