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My Citroën

My Citroën is the smartphone application that has been designed to help you stay connected to your vehicle

The Everyday Assistant

My Citroën is a smartphone application that has been designed to help you stay connected with your vehicle, while offering desirable information that makes ownership more involving and convenient.

Although features such as the ability to locate your car through its onboard GPS make a huge difference, it's things like being able to book your next service through the app that really makes life easier.

What's more, there are additional features for hybrid and electric owners, who can use the app to discover what their battery status is and how much range they have remaining.

Download the app on Android or iOS today and discover just how much your Citroën has to offer.

My Citroën Key Features

Find My Car
Thanks to the application's Geolocation feature, you can easily find where your car is parked. Ideal for when you're in an unfamiliar city and forgotten where you've parked.
Manage My Driving
The app connects with your car and will provide you with details on how you drive, it'll then provide statistics and recommendations that will help improve your efficiency.
Access Vehicle Documentation

In the 'Vehicle' tab, you'll be able to swiftly access all of your vehicle's documentation, including advice on how to address issues.

For example, the app will be able to run diagnostics if a light appears on the dashboard and then advise you on the best course of action for rectifying the issue.

Service Manual
Your vehicle's service manual can be accessed through your phone, giving you details about your warranty, mileage, and dates for any scheduled servicing work. My Citroën can even suggest a Service Plan that is tailored to your driving style.
For ultimate peace of mind, you can contact Citroen's assistance service 24/7. So, whether you've had an accident or have a complaint, help is readily accessible.
Ë-Remote Control

If you own one of Citroën's hybrid or electric vehicles, then the Ë-Remote Control function in the app allows you to access valuable data about your car's battery level and remaining range. 

You'll even be able to remotely pre-set the cabin temperature and find a public charging terminal thanks to the Free2Move services.