What is Hypermiling? | Techniques for Fuel Efficient Driving

22nd Mar 2023

By Heather Lewis

What does Hypermiling mean?

Hypermiling is the practice of driving your vehicle as efficiently as possible, so you can maximise your car's fuel efficiency.

This can be done in any vehicle, as it's a way of driving rather than a feature included in cars, so you don't need to shell out for a new car with better MPG to be able to improve your fuel economy.

Starting with knowing what MPG is and how to calculate your vehicle's MPG, as this really is the first step to reducing your fuel costs. After that, you can follow through the tips and techniques we've explored below.

Before you set off

Car Mechanic

There are actually a few things you can do to start hypermiling before you even set off in your car.

Consider whether your journey is necessary

Something that might be overlooked when thinking about driving efficiently is just not driving at all. Many drivers will use their vehicles out of convenience when they could complete their journey in other, more cost-effective ways. So, if this is at all an option for you, consider whether your journey can be done on foot, by cycling, or even through another method like car sharing to reduce fuel costs.

Vehicle maintenance

Getting your vehicle serviced is crucial so you can ensure that everything is in working order. Having a car that isn't functioning properly or running as efficiently as it could be can have a detrimental effect on your car's fuel economy. To be sure your vehicle is running at its best, why not book a health check with your preferred Evans Halshaw retailer.

Remove excess weight

Have you still got luggage or belongings in your boot from a previous trip that you swore you'd sort out and just haven't got around to? Well, it could be negatively impacting your fuel economy. By simply removing any excess weight in your vehicle that you don't need, you could dramatically improve your fuel economy.

Plan your route

By effectively planning your route beforehand, you could be able to shorten your journey or improve your fuel efficiency. Choosing motorways and dual carriageways over winding country roads can help, as you can travel at a constant speed and typically reduce the amount of braking you need to do. If your vehicle has cruise control, this can also be a great thing to utilise when you're driving.

If you're travelling to a town or city, you could also try utilising park and ride services to avoid spending money on fuel and parking within busier towns and cities.

Hypermiling tips for when you're driving

Renault Clio Driving

Reduce your speed

By driving just a tad slower, you could improve your fuel economy. Even just by going at 60mph instead of 70mph can make a big difference, but this does depend on your car though, which is why it's a good idea to try to calculate your individual MPG if possible.

Anticipate the road ahead

If you pay close attention to the road and try to anticipate your next move, you'll be able to use your brakes much less and drive a lot smoother - both of which are good techniques when it comes to hypermiling.

Instead of needing to slam on your brakes and decrease your fuel economy, you can be much better prepared and have a much smoother, efficient journey. Of course, this isn't always possible, and it's a skill that you can develop over time with driving experience.


Even by changing where you park, you could be implementing hypermiling into your driving. By parking somewhere that you can easily pull out of facing forward, you can save fuel by avoiding the need for reversing manoeuvres.

Using a windscreen cover

During colder months, a windscreen cover can help prevent frost build up and will therefore result in less fuel needed to heat up the car and defrost your windscreen before driving.

When it comes to the warmer months, getting a windscreen cover can still help just in the opposite way. By covering your windscreen in warm weather, you can help to keep your car cooler, therefore reducing the need to blast the air conditioning when you get in, which will use up more fuel.

Also, if your car has climate control, you can try switching from using air conditioning to climate control as recirculating the air in the cabin is more efficient.

Best cars for hypermiling

Ford Fiesta Front Driving

Any car can be used for hypermiling as it's a way of driving as opposed to a feature that's available in certain cars.

That being said, having a fuel efficient car that has a high MPG is a great way to improve your fuel efficiency even further and make your hypermiling efforts more noticeable. We have highlighted the most economical petrol and diesel cars if you'd like to find out more about specific cars that are renowned for being very fuel efficient.

Also, choosing a car that has features such as cruise control or start stop ability can help when you're trying to drive more efficiently, as these functions will do some of the work for you in improving your MPG.

Drive efficiently with Evans Halshaw

We trust that these tips and techniques have helped you to improve your car's fuel efficiency and start hypermiling. With many costs to think of to maintain your vehicle, reducing fuel costs is a great way to help keep costs down.

Remember that maintaining your vehicle is incredibly important, for fuel efficiency but also the overall safety of you and your passengers, other drivers on the road, and for your car. You can book a service with Evans Halshaw today.