Vauxhall Mokka: Five Features You'll Love

25th May 2021

By Daniel Hitchman

The future is bright

Vauxhall have certainly made a strong impression with the latest generation of Mokka, which has undergone a radical overhaul both visually and technologically.

An interesting move from Vauxhall is that they have made the latest Mokka available with an all-electric drivetrain, aptly called the Mokka-e. It may not appeal to all, but it perfectly suits the futuristic exterior and interior design of the Mokka, making it a car that's bound to garner attention from ongoers.

When you take into account the sheer popularity of compact SUVs, it's no surprise we're starting to see more of the Mokka on Britain's roads. However, this compact SUV offers more than just eye-catching looks, because it's loaded with useful features and technologies, as we shall now highlight below.

IntelliLux LED® Matrix headlights

green vauxhall mokka, vizor vauxhall mokka, headlight vauxhall mokka, matrix headlight
green vauxhall mokka, vizor vauxhall mokka, headlight vauxhall mokka, matrix headlight

One of the big talking points on the latest Mokka is the introduction of something the brand calls the 'Vizor', which will be the face of all their new models going forward. In essence, it's a sweeping module that incorporates the grille, headlights and badge.

Although the Vizor looks amazing and really sets the Mokka apart from other compact SUVs, it's the IntelliLux LED® Matrix headlights that really stand out. The interesting thing about these headlights is that they adapt to the road conditions. So if you leave the city and head onto country roads, the headlights will automatically switch to main-beam.

In addition to the above, the headlights will automatically redistribute the beam pattern to avoid dazzling oncoming motorists. It's worth noting that you'll need to go for an Ultimate Nav model or above if you want to benefit from these Matrix headlights. However, all Mokka models do benefit from an alternative LED lighting technology and can get the IntelliLux LED® Matrix lights as an optional extra.

The Integrated Touchscreen

vauxhall mokka, cabin vauxhall mokka, radio
vauxhall mokka, cabin vauxhall mokka, radio

It's evident that Vauxhall went to a lot of effort to make the Mokka stand out in the compact SUV segment, which is a theme that continues inside the car.

The most notable thing upon entering the Mokka is that the central dashboard has been angled towards the driver, meaning the controls are clearer and easier to access. On top of that, the vibrant touchscreen has been really well-integrated into the centre console.

In a time where some manufacturers are brimming their infotainment systems with complicated settings and features, it's refreshing that Vauxhall have opted for a more simple system that's still effective and intuitive.

The great thing about the system is that you can easily access menus such as the vehicle's settings and in-car applications (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) through the shortcut buttons that sit below the screen, making it super-easy to navigate the infotainment system.

It's worth noting that the Mokka-e's infotainment system will keep you updated on the vehicle's battery usage while you drive, allowing you to tailor your driving style if you want better efficiency.

Vauxhall Connect

Remember the days when we would revere the cars that came with an AUX input so we could play our music? Thankfully, those days are long gone and now we're spoiled with posh infotainment systems and smartphone applications such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The big thing at the moment are special smartphone apps that allow you to directly connect to your specific car. In the case of the Mokka, it's the MyVauxhall app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play.

With the app downloaded, you can actively monitor a number of key elements about your vehicle. For example, it will let you know how much fuel (or charge in the Mokka-e) you have left, or it'll let you know when a service is due (as well as allow you to book it through the app).

In addition, it grants you convenient access to the car's manual as well as various tutorial videos, which are certainly handy when you have a question about your car. The app is guaranteed to make life easier, and therefore make ownership more enjoyable.

Driving Modes

green vauxhall mokka, side motion shot vauxhall mokka, side mirror vauxhall mokka, driving modes
green vauxhall mokka, side motion shot vauxhall mokka, side mirror vauxhall mokka, driving modes

As you'd expect from a Vauxhall, the latest Mokka offers a comfortable and refined driving experience that will no doubt appeal to families of all ages. In addition, there's plenty of grip should you wish to press on, meaning the Mokka provides you with plenty of confidence.

One feature that enhances the driving experience are the available driving modes, which essentially tailor the Mokka to the mood you're in. The three different modes are as follows:

  • Eco
  • Normal
  • Sport

For everyday driving, the Mokka is best left in the Normal setting, since it offers a good blend of efficiency and performance. If you're looking to reduce fuel or battery consumption, then Eco mode helps massively. However, if you want a sharper throttle response and faster gearchanges (in cars with an automatic gearbox) then the Sport mode is certainly worth exploring.

180 degree rear-view camera

vauxhall mokka, rear-view camera vauxhall mokka, rear-view camera
vauxhall mokka, rear-view camera vauxhall mokka, rear-view camera

Parking sensors and reversing cameras are pretty standard features on higher-spec cars these days. However, there aren't many vehicles that offer a Panoramic rear-view camera across the majority of their models.

Simply put, the camera fitted to the back of the car can cover a 180-degree view, which is subsequently split into three sections on the in-car infotainment screen when reversing (pictured).

The middle section is what's directly behind you, while the other two sections give you a wider angle so you don't risk reversing into anyone - or anything - when pulling out of a space. It's a particularly useful feature in supermarket car parks because of the improved visibility it provides.

If the 180-degree view isn't your cup of tea, or you simply don't need it, then you can switch to a more traditional camera view thanks to the intuitive menu design. The great thing about this technology? It features on all models bar the entry-level SE.

Explore the latest Mokka with Evans Halshaw

The latest generation of Mokka is an exciting step for Vauxhall, who have implemented their latest design language and interior technologies. With intuitive features complementing the striking appearance and comfortable driving experience, we'd certainly recommend checking out the new Mokka if you're in the market for a compact SUV.

Another exciting aspect about the latest Mokka is that it's available with all-electric power, aptly named the Mokka-e. This version is a forward-thinking option for families that want to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying the benefits of an electric vehicle. In conclusion, the future is certainly bright (or green in this case) for one of Britain's most popular car manufacturers.