Summer Car Care Tips

24th May 2021

Hot and Cold

It's that time of year again when we all start looking forward to summer and warmer weather; just makes everything seem better, doesn't it? But just like it does with ourselves, hot and cold weather can cause all sorts of potential problems for our cars too.

You may have read our blog on 'Winter Driving Tips' and how cold temperatures can play havoc with cars and motorists. But did you ever consider that driving in hotter climates over summer can also become problematic if we become complacent with our cars.

Discover our top summer car care tips below to ensure warmer motoring is kept as problem free as possible.

Air-con Re-gas

Air Con Heater Vents

If your car has air-conditioning, it's unlikely that it's seen much action over winter, but you'll definitely be wanting the sweet cool breeze it offers come summer.

Manufacturers recommend that air-con systems are re-gassed every two years; when was the last time you had yours done? It's certainly a good idea to check now and get it booked in if you think it may be overdue. We doubt anyone will fancy the uncomfortable nature of a car with no air-con in the coming months, especially when teamed with leather seats.

Any Evans Halshaw retailer can re-gas your air-con, meaning summer can be enjoyed, without the worry of sweaty, sticky situations.

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Battery Check

Battery Check

Did you know that battery failure is the most common breakdown for cars? These failures can occur when excessive hot temperatures shorten the life of your car's battery by evaporating the fluids - if the battery is not properly sealed.

Therefore, it's a good idea to check the condition of your battery and make sure it's sealed nice and tight to stop the aforementioned happening, causing a breakdown.

You can get modern batteries that are sealed and are much easier to maintain, plus you don't have to fill them up, making life a whole lot easier. It's also a good idea to check overall condition, making sure the battery has no leaks or corrosion.

If you'd like the battery checked professionally, why not book one of our vehicle health checks, and have total peace of mind of your car's overall condition.

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General Maintenance

Technician Checking

With more of us working from home and cars being used a lot less recently, it's a great idea to give your car the once over before summer. It's a common misconception that storing a car or not using a car is good for the engine and will keep it in good working order.

However, on older cars especially, engine parts can become seized or items can perish if the car has not been used. It's always good to run a car up to temperature or drive it a short distance if possible so that oil can lubricate the engine, resulting in parts less likely to seize. Handbrakes left on without movement can cause brakes to seize too if not moved for long periods of time too.

If you would like a professional opinion on the health of your vehicle, book a check with Evans Halshaw today.

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Flat Tyre

As the four main contact points your car has with the road, tyres should be at the top of your list when carrying out checks on your vehicle.

Of course, in summer, tyres grip better and shouldn't lose traction unless under heavy acceleration load or if they are in poor condition. However, rising temperatures increase air pressure, which could put strain on tyres that are in poor condition. Overinflated tyres wear more quickly too, and are more prone to blow outs, which don't bare thinking about in how dangerous they are.

Legal tread depth is 1.6mm, although the more tread on the tyre the more assured the car will be. We would advise not letting tread dip below 3mm to ensure a decent level of grip and safety. Lower tread tyres can also cause more tyre noise, resulting in a unpleasant driving experience. For more tyre information why not check out our tyre safety blog.

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Keep it Clean

GT-R Wash

It's probably a fair assumption that most UK motorists don't like washing a car. Of course, with enthusiasts and petrolheads, it's a different story, but for the average motorist, washing a car is not a task many look forward to.

However, if you could clean your car and not have to worry about cleaning it again for a longer period of time, well, that's a little better isn't it? A clean car is therefore easier to maintain in summer and will require less cleaning. With the decreased chance of rain, a freshly valeted car will stay cleaner for longer due the roads having no salt or water on them, which over time and distance build up the dirt on your car's paint.

A cleaner car is also easier to stay on top of, looks better and is a nicer place to spend time.

Better still, if you don't want to wash your car by yourself, each car gets a complimentary clean when booked into any Evans Halshaw for a service.

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Poor Visibility

If there is one thing that's unpredictable, it's British weather, especially in summer time. Therefore, get ahead of the uncertain weather and make sure your car is prepared. There is nothing worse than poor wipers, as they are often noisy and smear the windscreen.

A new set of wipers are relatively inexpensive too, often costing less than £30, even for a set of 'aero wipers', which most premium manufacturers use. These wipers look a lot cooler than the the clunky old fashioned wipers too, so improve the look of your car.

Our parts departments will also be able to help find the right ones for your car.

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Evans Halshaw are here to help

Hopefully we have given you some useful ideas on how to keep on top of caring for your car this summer.

However, if you would like our specially trained technicians to give your car a thorough onceover, we are happy to offer a number of services to ensure your total peace of mind.

Alternatively, why not check out or new car offers, or used car offers.