Low Car Tyre Pressure? Drive Safe, and Save Money

05th Oct 2017

As TyreSafe launches their new safety campaign for 2017, inflate your wallet by getting a free tyre check at Evans Halshaw dealerships.

Tyre-related accidents down, but work still to do

October marks the launch of the charity TyreSafe's safety campaign. In a statement, the safety awareness charity welcomed a reduction in tyre-related incidents over the last year but reiterated the need for regular checks.

The reduction in deaths has been slight, but some areas have seen an increase in injuries. For instance, Scotland has seen a 30% rise in incidents caused by car tyres being low on tread or under-inflated.

Incorrect car tyre pressures are reducing safety - and costing you money

According to TyreSafe, 56% of UK road users are using tyres on their vehicle that are under-inflated. Further statistics from TyreSafe's recent study have shown that under-inflation by as little as 6 PSI will reduce fuel economy by 3%. Furthermore, they have shown that for every 10% that your tyre is under-inflated, the risk of increase in wear to the tyre increases by 10%, meaning you'll have to replace them more often.

TyreSafe recommends that you check your car tyre pressure once a month and before long journeys. You can do this by ensuring that the tyre pressure is correct. Please check your vehicle owner's manual for the appropriate pressure as recommended levels can vary car to car and may need to be increased when carrying extra passengers or carrying a heavy load.

Less pressure means less grip

A seriously under-inflated tyre will only touch the road on the edges and not in the middle; less surface area means less grip, especially when cornering. Driving through surface water on tyres with low pressure increases the risk of aqua-plaining. As a result, less grip increases the risk of skidding and having a collision. 

TyreSafe's research has found that an alarming number of people wait until inspection as part of an MOT flags them as dangerous before checking or changing them. To remain safe on the roads, a regular check is essential for the safety of you, your passengers and other road users.

How to check your car tyre pressure

Free tyre pressure check at your local Evans Halshaw dealership

At Evans Halshaw we recognise that not everyone is confident in checking their own tyre pressure and so, with this in mind we would like to remind customers that we offer free, no obligation tyre safety checks at all of our dealerships nationwide. Once completed, you'll have peace of mind that you're driving safely and, should you have to brake suddenly or deal with a sharp bend in the road, your tyres will be fully equipped to handle it.

At Evans Halshaw, as part of TyreSafe's campaign, we're offering free car tyre checks to all customers to ensure the appropriate tread depth, wear and car tyre pressure on your car. Your safety is vital, don't put off checking your tyres, organise a safety check today! To book in for your free check simply click on the link below to find your nearest dealer and book a tyre safety check.

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