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Used Toyota GR Yaris

Rally-inspired four-wheel drive hot hatchback that's like no other Yaris

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Used Toyota GR Yaris Exterior Used Toyota GR Yaris Interior Used Toyota GR Yaris Boot Space
Used Toyota GR Yaris Exterior Used Toyota GR Yaris Interior Used Toyota GR Yaris Boot Space

The Toyota GR Yaris launched in 2020 to sensational fanfare, and its reputation as a throwback to old school rally homologation specials has grown ever since.

A 3-cylinder 1.6-litre Yaris might not sound like a recipe for pure driving thrills, but when it's turbocharged to 257bhp, mated to a slick manual gearbox and has switchable four-wheel drive it becomes far more than the sum of its parts.

The GR Yaris has been universally praised for its sensationally fun driving experience, but the quality of the interior doesn't quite match its price point. The infotainment system is good enough but this will likely be one of the last performance cars without a digital instrument cluster.

Practicality - usually a strong suit of the Yaris - isn't fantastic, owing to the 3-door layout and relatively small boot. The rear seats are big enough for kids, but even then it's fairly tight back there.

Used GR Yaris Convenience Pack models give you an upgraded sound system and sat nav, but performance enthusiasts will want the forged alloy wheels, twin limited-switch differentials and red brake calipers that come with the Circuit Pack.

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