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INFINITI are a premium brand that offer a variety of cars, ranging from a hatchback through to a large SUV. They're essentially a premium Nissan, as that's who they're owned by.

Kicking off the range is the Q30, which is a stylish hatchback. It's swiftly followed by the handsome Q50 saloon and the Q60; a sleek coupé that offers a large amount of performance.

The SUVs will most likely appeal if you have a growing family. The smallest model is called the QX30, whilst the largest is the QX70.

You won't see many INFINITI models on Britain's roads, and that's because motorists tend to opt for traditional premium brands, such as BMW or Mercedes-Benz.

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Common Questions Answered

What country is INFINITI from?

INFINITI are a Japanese company and are owned by Nissan.

Think of it this way, INFINITI to Nissan are what Lexus are to Toyota.

Are INFINITI cars safe?

Yes, INFINITI fit all of their cars with a range of safety features and driver aids, giving you total peace of mind when driving.

How affordable is it to run an INFINITI?

For the most part, running an INFINITI is relatively inexpensive. However, some models, such as the Q60, are available with powerful engines that will result in higher running costs.

Can Evans Halshaw service an INFINITI?

Yes, because INFINITI share a lot of their components with Nissan's range of cars, you can get your model serviced by any Evans Halshaw retailer.

Why should I buy an INFINITI?

INFINITI's range of cars are rare sights on UK roads because motorists tend to opt for the likes of BMW and Audi. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is a good way to do it.

Is an INFINITI right for me?

Although they're rare, INFINITI models are very good cars. Looks may be subjective, but they do look smart on the road.

Not only that but they're well made inside and come with a host of equipment as standard. If you prioritise value for money, you can't go wrong.

Why buy a INFINITI through Evans Halshaw?

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At Evans Halshaw, we have a variety of used cars for you to choose from. Each car is carefully selected by our teams before making its way through the rigorous preparation process, where it's inspected by a qualified technician and then fully valeted.

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