Sell Your Car Terms and Conditions

Full Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

In these terms, unless the context requires otherwise, the following definitions apply:

a. “Participating Dealership” means one of the motor vehicle dealerships owned and operated by the Pendragon PLC group of companies, including but not limited to those trading as Evans Halshaw, which are listed on at the date you wish to make your appointment under clause 4.

b. “Vehicle” means the passenger car (being a car intended for the carriage of passengers excluding light commercial vehicles such as small vans and pick-up trucks, commercial vehicles and Trade Vehicles) that you have owned for a minimum of three months, has not been written off by an insurance company, or registered as a Salvage vehicle, is capable of being driven, and that you wish and are legally entitled to sell;

c. “Appraisal” means a true report of the condition and prior use history of the Vehicle recording all material information including (but not limited to):

  • Any exterior or interior damage;
  • Any mechanical issues;
  • Whether it runs;
  • Its mileage;
  • Whether it has been used for private hire, driving tuition, police car;
  • The date and country of first registration and whether it is an import;
  • The service history;
  • The number of previous owners;
  • The MOT and how many months remain until it is next due for an MOT;
  • Whether it has ever been an insurance write off of any category;
  • The number of keys;
  • Any personalised registration plate;

d. “Offer” has the meaning set out in clause 8.

e. “Trade Vehicle” means a motor vehicle of any kind normally used on public roads which is being offered for sale by a commercially operating motor dealer, group, business or person or which the participating Dealership reasonably believes is being offered for sale for commercial gain;

f. Competitor Dealer shall mean any franchised motor vehicle dealership or used car dealership owned by a franchised motor vehicle dealer group which is not owned and operated by the Pendragon PLC group of companies which has physical sales premises within the Radius and is of a similar size to the Participating Dealer;

g. Radius means 20 miles from the Participating Dealer.

2. You must make an appointment at a Participating Dealership via or by calling 03333236399.

3. You must attend the appointment with the Vehicle and bring all paperwork relevant to the Vehicle including the V5C, proof of ownership, and evidence of any service history.

4. You must provide photographic proof of identity and proof of address being a utility bill or bank statement in each case being less than 3 months old at the date of your appointment.

5. The Vehicle must be subject to an Appraisal at the Participating Dealership, its condition recorded on an appraisal sheet and signed by you and us.

6. The Participating Dealership reserves the right to refuse to Offer to purchase a Vehicle that is a Trade Vehicle or where it reasonably believed that the customer has owned the Vehicle for less than three months at date of Appraisal.

7. If in the 7 days prior to your appointment at the Participating Dealer, you have received a valuation, based on an Appraisal by a Competitor Dealer, the Price shall be a minimum of £100 more than the price offered by the Competitor Dealer or any other direct purchaser. You must provide a copy of that Appraisal and the written quote of the Competitor Dealer or other direct purchaser. No other valuations shall be accepted by us and this offer is only available to consumers.

8. The Price will be sent by the Participating Dealership to its central pricing team who will issue an offer to purchase the Vehicle (“the Offer”).

9. The Offer will be valid for seven days from the date of issue providing the Vehicle remains in materially the same condition as set out in the Appraisal.

10. If you accept the Offer, a purchase order will be raised which you must sign and the sum set out in the Offer paid to your nominated bank account by Bacs within three working days from later of the date that the purchase order is signed by you or we have received all documentation relating to the Vehicle that we reasonably require.

11. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

12. Nothing in these terms and conditions will affect or limit your statutory rights as a consumer.