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Discover the funky and charming Citroën C1 city car, finding out about all its quirks and features below

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Compact and cute, the Citroën C1 is a chic little city car. Following on from the first-generation model, this second-generation update carries on the partnership of being almost identical to the Toyota Aygo, and Peugeot 108. Despite the similarities, Citroën have managed to differentiate the C1 quite a bit, thanks to its textbook Citroën style.

Thinking of buying a C1 for your next used car? You could benefit from;

  • Futuristic, chic style
  • Low running costs
  • A fun driving experience
  • An easy to drive car

But what else makes the Citroën C1 a great used car? Find out below.

Engines and Driving Experience

Citroen C1 Driving, Rear

A range of peppy petrol engines are available with the quirky C1. Older models use an 80bhp, 1.2-litre 3-cylinder engine, whilst updated models use a more efficient 70 bhp, 1.0-litre 3-cylinder unit, which is capable of returning up to 58mpg.

By all means, the C1 isn't a fast car, but it's certainly nippy around town thanks to its small, compact size. Therefore, despite its low power, the 3-cylinder engine has a characteristic rasp, which adds to the fun to drive character.

Semi-automatic transmissions are available, although they are much rarer than the more commonly found manual. The latter being a much better suited solution to the character of the car.

Practicality and Running Costs

Citroen C1 Front

Despite the C1's compact proportions, the car is available as a 3-door, or a slightly more practical 5-door. A 196-litre boot isn't going to worry a more conventionally practical hatchback, but for a city car, the C1 offers plenty of space for the weekly shop.

If you ever need more space with the C1, the rear seats can be folded to increase the load area to a more substantial 780 litres, which is impressive for a chic city car.

And sticking to the city car theme, the C1 has textbook, minimal running costs too. With up to 58mpg economy, cheap tax and low insurance, the C1 isn't going to cause a financial headache. It's also inexpensive to service, and can be completed at your local Evans Halshaw Citroën dealership.

Interior, Technology and Safety

Citroen C1 Interior

Interior character of the C1 matches the funky exterior. It suits the city car nature, with groovy dials, switchgear and style.

It won't be matching the maturity of a textbook family hatch, but for the low pricepoint the interior has enough spark to impress. There is also a simplistic nature, that is easy to use and clutter free.

Coloured dashboard inserts, jazzy fabrics on the seats, a large circular speedo and colour infotainment screen add to the fun interior vibe - although some lower-spec models are not as nicely finished, but still offer a positive vibe.

As for safety, the C1 comes with six airbags, stability control and ABS. When tested by Euro NCAP in 2014, it received a four out of five star safety rating.


Is the Citroën C1 right for me?

If you are after a fun and frugal city car, the Citroën C1 definitely needs checking out. The C1 also makes a fantastic first car, thanks to the low costs associated with running one, such as the inexpensive insurance, tax and superb economy.

With 3 and 5-door availability, a nice mix of specifications and extremely tempting used prices, the Citroën C1 certainly makes its case for being a decent used car purchase.

The Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 108 are worth a look too, as they are the same car with slight differences in style. For the money, this trio is hard to beat.

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