7 Reasons to Love the Citroën C1

30th Oct 2018

Red and White Citroen C1

The humble Citroën C1 has been a revelation since its introduction back in the mid noughties; and with the formula evolving as the years go by, we thought we would take the time to compile a list of reasons to love the C1 – not that you need any, of course.

1. Economical

In a day and age when petrol prices don’t look to be falling anytime soon, it’s almost essential to own a car that doesn’t have a drinking problem. So, what if we told you that the Citroën C1 can return comfortably over 65mpg during day-to-day driving? Yeah, we thought that may appeal.

2. Cheap to insure and tax

Insurance and tax, the two motoring necessities that everyone pays for through slightly gritted teeth. Well, thankfully the Citroën C1 has your back on this one too. The 1.0 VTi engine makes the C1 inexpensive to tax on an annual basis, and insurance is incredibly reasonable because the C1 is insurance group 6 (50 being highest and most expensive).

3. Age is just a number

The issue with some cars is that they are definitely targeted at certain age groups, which is great if you’re in that age group, not so much if you aren’t. The cheeky C1 is brimming with character and has something to offer anyone; whether it’s someone’s first car, or a commuting C1ty (see what we did there?) car for working professionals of all ages, the Citroën C1 is designed to appeal to everyone.

4. Easy to drive and park

There’s nothing worse than being in a city during a busy period and struggling to find somewhere to park. However, the plucky C1 makes the whole ordeal a lot easier; the small dimensions, light steering and excellent visibility make for easy parking regardless of how tight the space is.

5. Cheap to maintain

Nobody wants a car that is expensive to run, but one reason to love the C1 is simply how cheap it is to maintain. For example, you can replace the tyres on all four corners from around the £200 mark. Servicing is available through your local Evans Halshaw dealership and very reasonably priced compared to a much larger car. Cheap to insure, tax and maintain – that’s a universally popular recipe wherever you go.

6. It’s well equipped

Considering the Citroën C1 is fundamentally a cheaper car compared to larger models, it manages to boast a generous amount of equipment. If you opt for the ‘Feel’ trim; you get air-conditioning, a four-speaker stereo and a height adjustable driver’s seat as standard. The car will also come with a seven-inch touchscreen that mirrors your smartphone’s screen and also incorporates DAB radio. As you’d expect from any modern car, remote central locking and electric windows are standard procedure.

7. It’s fun!

Unfortunately, a lot of modern cars lack the personality of their predecessors from days gone past. The Citroën C1 really brings life to a mundane automotive industry with its epic choice of colours, slick body lines and stylish interior. The C1 is proof that you don’t have to spend countless amounts of money to stand out from the crowd; make no mistake then, this is a fun little car to look at and drive. Find A Used C1

Our favourite C1

The C1 ‘Feel’ is our favourite model because it offers a great blend of everything you will need from a car like the C1. The touchscreen DAB radio that mirrors your phone is something you can’t live without, while the air-conditioning is a lifesaver during those roasting summer heatwaves.

On top of that, the 1.0-litre engine offers enough performance to exploit gaps in traffic while retuning excellent fuel economy. All in all, the extra equipment you get over the base spec makes the Citroen C1 ‘Feel’ amazing value for money and a worthy investment.
Red Citroen C1