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The entry-level SUV in the Jaguar range. The E-PACE offers typical Jaguar characteristics in an alternative package

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Jaguar E-PACE Front, Driving

The E-PACE is Jaguar's most compact SUV offering. It was introduced in 2017 to sit alongside other popular SUV models in the Jaguar range, so that its more compact proportions could appeal to a new type of buyer.

Smaller, entry-level models are popular in the automotive world so the choice to introduce the E-PACE was a smart idea.

On the face of it, the Jaguar E-PACE offers:

  • Stylish, sought-after looks
  • Decent practicality
  • Jaguar heritage and flair
  • Multiple engine choices, including a plug-in hybrid
  • Good economy and performance

Read on below to find out more about the Jaguar E-PACE, and discover if it could be an ideal used car for you.

Engines and Driving Experience

Jaguar E-PACE Front Angle

As an entry-level SUV in the Jaguar range, it isn't as engaging or as direct as the bigger F-PACE and state-of-the-art I-PACE. It's still one of the best compact SUVs in its class though.

Petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid engine choices are available with the E-PACE. All petrol variants get a lively 2.0-litre unit with four-wheel drive and an automatic transmission as standard. These are plenty fast enough with 0 to 62mph taking no longer than 8.5 seconds (P200) and as quick as 6.9 seconds (P300).

The entry-level diesel (D165) uses a 2.0-litre engine. It takes 10 seconds to do the 0 to 62mph sprint, mainly because it's front-wheel drive and has a manual gearbox. Four-wheel drive and automatic transmissions are also available with some diesel variants, but the petrol versions are more fitting with Jaguar's sports car heritage.

A P300e is also available (petrol hybrid) and produces 305bhp making it the fastest E-PACE available, taking just 6.5 seconds to get from 0 to 62mph.

Practicality and Running Costs

Jaguar E-PACE Boot

As mentioned, the heritage of Jaguar is all about sleek British sports cars, but the E-PACE is more geared towards family, everyday comfort, practicality and economy. It still has Jaguar DNA though, so some versions will offer glimpses of that celebrated character.

Although the most compact Jaguar SUV offering, the E-PACE is deceptively spacious. Even adults over six foot will have plenty of space and headroom, no matter if seated in the front or back.

You get a decent 425-litre boot as well, which is smaller than a BMW X2 (470 litres) but is still plenty of space for an SUV of this size.

As for running costs, diesels are the cheapest to run with up to 46mpg. Petrol versions tend to return around 30mpg. The hybrid will achieve up to 141mpg, but will also cost more to buy in the first place. Servicing can be taken care of by any Stratstone Jaguar retailer.

Interior, Technology and Safety

Jaguar E-PACE Interior

Interior ambience has styling cues from the gorgeous Jaguar F-TYPE sports car, which of course is no bad thing. Mid-range models get leather for the full premium experience, so the cloth options could feel a bit underwhelming for those expecting more.

Early models feature analogue dials, whereas facelifted 2021 models get digital set ups. Naturally, facelifted examples feel much more premium, although earlier models in the mid-range are also worth considering; they'll be substantially cheaper to buy too.

Entry-level models get dual-zone climate control, front and rear parking sensors, a large infotainment system and a useful 360-degree parking camera. Top spec models get nicer kit, such as premium audio and leather options.

As for safety, the E-PACE got a full five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP, thanks to features in the range including:

  • Lane-keeping assistance
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • 360-degree camera
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Driver tiredness monitor

Is the Jaguar E-PACE right for me?

If you're in the market for a small premium SUV, the E-PACE is definitely worth a look.

It may be compact, but it's deceptively spacious inside and the exterior ensures it's a handsome affair, that looks a lot classier than most small SUVs.

Sure, a BMW X2 will drive better and a Mercedes-Benz GLB offers more load space but it will all depend on personal preference on which is best for your own personal needs and wants.

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