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If you're looking for a vehicle large enough to fit up to nine passengers with extensive luggage, the Renault Trafic-Passenger is your perfect match. This modern mini bus is designed with an active lifestyle in mind, offering a sliding door for easy access and seating nine adults comfortably. The Trafic-Passenger is extremely flexible, offering you the choice of individual seats or passenger benches at the front or the rear.

Motability also considers that every situation may be different, therefore offering a number of conversions to suit your personal suitability and needs.

The practical Trafic-Passenger has a modular luggage compartment with a whopping 3,400 litres of space for all the families luggage and more. The flat boot is great for loading any awkward equipment too, such as multiple wheelchairs. For extra convenience, we could even fit a wheel chair hoist for you.