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Peugeot Reveals All-Electric Concept Car

06th Jan 2023

By Chris Russon

Peugeot Inception Concept Peugeot Inception Concept Peugeot Inception Concept
Peugeot Inception Concept Peugeot Inception Concept Peugeot Inception Concept

Peugeot has taken another step towards becoming a fully-electric brand with the unveiling of a concept car which it says will form the basis of its models from 2025.

The Inception Concept features an ultra-modern exterior and interior design, including the next-generation of its i-Cockpit and what it calls a Hypersquare control system with steer-by-wire technology.

Based on the Stellantis group’s large platform, the fully electric Inception Concept is powered by a 100kWh battery, providing a range of 497 miles.

With two electric motors, the car produces almost 671bhp and accelerates from 0 to 62mph in under 3.0 seconds.

The model also features 800V technology, enabling it to add 93 miles of range in just five minutes, and is capable of wireless induction charging.

Linda Jackson, Peugeot’s chief executive, said: “Peugeot is committed to the electrification of its range. In 2023, our entire line-up will be electrified and in the next two years, five new 100 percent electric models will be launched.

“Our ambition is simple: to make Peugeot the leading electric brand in Europe by 2030. This objective and ambitious vision pave the way for a radical transformation for the brand.”

The concept car has a simpler and more refined design language, which Peugeot says will be introduced on future models from 2025.

At the front, it features an all-new light signature incorporating Peugeot's distinctive claw design, which is merged with the front grille to create a single object that also houses the sensors. This is made up of a single piece of glass with the logo in the centre, magnified by the 3D luminescent effect.

A Tech Bar runs horizontally through the door layer, which is a flush screen that emits different messages to the outside of the car when the driver and passengers approach it.

Artificial intelligence fitted to the car makes it possible to recognise the driver in order to set up the seat posture, temperature, driving mode and multimedia preferences desired by each occupant.

The bar also displays the battery charge level and houses many sensors and radars, leaving the bodywork completely smooth.

The concept car is some five metres long and 1.34m height, and its platform is one of four ‘BEV-by-design’ platforms the Stellantis group will be introducing from this year.

Peugeot intends to introduce its Hypersquare control system on future cars before then end of the decade and on the concept car there is no conventional steering wheel, and it is controlled by steer-by-wire technology.

The centre of the Hypersquare set up is a tablet-type screen dedicated to the distribution of control information. The pictograms for the different features such as air conditioning, radio volume and driver assistance features are displayed on the two side panels to enable access to the chosen control.

The latter is located inside the circular recesses and can be accessed by moving the thumb only, without taking your hands off the steering control.

Peugeot says it plans to be net carbon zero by 2038 and in the next two years it will be launching five new all-electric models.