Nissan LEAF charging

Nissan Electric Vehicle Charging

Discover the different charging solutions available and where to find them

Charging your electric Nissan

As part of Nissan's push towards a sustainable future, its ever-expanding electric car range features the latest cutting-edge technology and a range of advanced features to make EV ownership convenient and straightforward.

With lower maintenance costs, no ULEZ charges, and zero tailpipe emissions, there are a range of benefits to making the switch to Nissan electric. You're also able to integrate your home charging installation costs into one single monthly payment with the One-Stop Shop finance offer, simplifying your switch to EV. Simply speak to your nearest Evans Halshaw Nissan dealer to find out more.

Preferred Nissan Charge Point Installers

You're able to charge your Nissan through a wide variety of providers, but we've partnered with E.ON Drive and Pod Point to offer a range of comprehensive installation services and charging solutions.

Eon drive wallbox

E.ON Drive

Charging your electric car at home couldn't be easier with E.ON

Podpoint wallbox

Pod Point

Plug in and charge at home, smart charging when you need It

Find your nearest charger

If you're away from home in your electric Nissan but are in need of some additional charge, you can visit a public charging station. With thousands of locations nationwide, you're never too far away from a charging point, so you can rest assured knowing you won't be left stranded looking for some additional power.

The time it takes to recharge your car will depend on the size of its battery and the speed of charger used. However, with plenty of rapid charging stations across the UK, you can be back on the road in no time.

Depending on spec, your Nissan's navigation system may also be able to direct you to your nearest charging point, or integrate charging stops into your journey if and where required.

Discover Nissan electric with Evans Halshaw

If you opt for a model from Nissan's expanding range of electric vehicles, it will need recharging at some point. But with thousands of public charging locations nationwide, as well as convenient and affordable home charging solutions, the Nissan charging process is as easy it gets.

If you're interested in a particular Nissan model, or would like more information related to Nissan charging solutions, please contact your nearest Evans Halshaw Nissan dealership.