TyreSafe Launches Summer Safety Campaign

26th Jul 2018

Contrary to common belief, it is actually the summer months when tyre-related incidents are at their most frequent. Although there is no snow or ice on the roads, it is possible to be caught out by the variation in road conditions during the summer (whether that be a heat wave or torrential rain). Alongside that, there will be more vehicles on the road, going longer distances with heavier loads due to summer holidays.

To prevent any unwanted incidents caused by defective tyres during the warmer months, TyreSafe are running a summer campaign - Guide to Summer Motoring - to give you more information on suggested essential checks to carry out before embarking on any summer adventures.

Here are a few pointers from TyreSafe:

  • Always avoid changing a tyre on the hard shoulder
  • Check air pressure
  • Check tyres for cracks, lumps or bulges
  • Check tread depth
  • Make sure you have a spare tyre just in case

At Evans Halshaw, we offer a free Vehicle Health Check which will identify if there is any work that needs carrying out on your vehicle, including your tyres.

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By keeping your tyres at their optimum pressure, your running costs are also reduced. Under-inflated tyres require more force to make them turn, causing your car to use more fuel. Additionally, tyres which are not set to their correct pressure wear out more quickly. Therefore, it is not only worth looking after your tyres from a safety point of view, it also protects your wallet.