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Motability Go Charge

Discover Motability’s new card and app that will help charge your EV with ease

What’s Motability Go Charge?

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Aiming to ease the process of finding a charging station and keeping track of your fuel expenditure with payments history and other information you may need, Motability has introduced the Go Charge card and app.

This solution was introduced to help electric vehicle owners manage routes, timings and finances by centralising all the features into one app. The card can be used at any of the affiliated charging stations, and you don’t need to top it up or adding credit, you can just start using it.

Another perk of using Go Charge to pay for recharging your EV is that this is a free service, so you won’t be charged for the card and won’t get hit with another monthly subscription fee.

How does Motability Go Charge work?

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The Go Charge is an opt-in service available when you buy a new electric car on the Motability scheme. This should be offered to you by your dealer upon purchase, or you can ask for it before completing the sale.

There are over 45,000 public charging stations from different charging point operators, including some of the biggest brands in the country, that you’ll have access to with the Go Charging app.

At the moment, discounted charging isn’t available, but you’ll only be charged the ‘pay as you go’ standard tariff, which can vary depending on the speed of charge and charging point operator. For transparency, the charging fees are available in the app.

Where can I use the Go Charge card and app?

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As previously mentioned, there are over 45,000 public charging station affiliated with Go Charge card. You can view all the locations that accept the Go Charge card by downloading the app, or by accessing Paua Tech’s website, where you’ll be able to filter the stations closest to your current location.

You can also connect the public charging points with sat navs such as Waze, Google and Apple Maps.

How can I activate my Go Charge account?

You can find Motability Go Charge app on your phone’s app store to download free of charge, then follow the steps below:

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