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Explore our range of available services, which have all been designed to help you maintain your Dacia

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Dacia Servicing: You Do The Maths

So you made the wise decision to invest in a Dacia and now it's due a service. Well, you've come to the right place because we offer a variety of services that have been designed to keep your Dacia in tip-top condition.

Whether it's performing some routine maintenance on a newer model or completing a visual health check on an older Dacia, we have you covered. What's more, all of our technicians are manufacturer trained, so you could say they know a thing or two about your car and how best to maintain it.

By using genuine Dacia parts, you can be rest assured your car is getting the best when you bring it to your nearest Evans Halshaw Dacia retailer.

Dacia Essential Service

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The Essential Service programme has been designed for Dacia models that are over 4 years old, because we understand that your car still requires essential maintenance if it's going to carry on being a top performer.

You can choose between an Essential Service or a Full Service depending on what your car needs (check your vehicle's handbook if you're unsure).

The best bit is that the prices for those two services are completely fixed and transparent, meaning you won't pay a penny over what's advertised. Lovely stuff.

We recommend that an Essential Service is carried out every 12 month or 10,000 miles and a Full Service is carried out every 24 months or 20,000 miles.

Dacia Service Plans

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Hassle-free maintenance is the best kind. And thanks to a Dacia Service Plan, you can spread the cost of that maintenance over the course of a fixed term (minimum three years).

In essence, you choose a service plan that is best for you, and then you pay either a low fixed monthly payment or a one-off lump sum to cover the cost of servicing over the term you have selected.

All prices are fixed at today's rates, so there's no need to threat over inflation or future price increases. In addition, you will actually save money because a service plan works out cheaper than paying for independent services. You do the maths.