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SignLive and Citroën

Citroën has partnered with SignLive to offer a British Sign Language online video interpreting service within our dealerships

Citroën and SignLive

As the first in the automotive industry to implement the system, Citroën are proud to have partnered with SignLive to offer an accessible and convenient service across the Citroën retail and aftercare network.

SignLive is the leading British Sign Language (BSL) online video interpreting service and allows BSL users to communicate with our associates in a way that suits them.

With over 150,000 BSL users across the UK, our Citroën dealerships are now more inclusive than ever thanks to the free of charge SignLive service. The partnership also allows Citroën to continue to be 'the French car that speaks your language' even if that language is BSL.

What is SignLive?

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SignLive allows individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate with others via a Video Relay Service on a mobile phone or tablet. A live interpreter will assist users and offer two main functions; Video Relay Service and Video Remote Interpreting.

By accessing the service through a web browser or the dedicated SignLive app, users can connect with a live interpreter who will be able to relay conversations between the customer and our associates.

All Evans Halshaw Citroën dealerships have tablets in-store that can be used to call an interpreter, allowing you to have a great retail or aftersales experience.