What is a car service plan?

A car service plan allows you to spread the cost of maintenance on your vehicle over an agreed period of time.

You pay a monthly fee, which is agreed at the beginning of your term, which then covers your car's scheduled services during that period.

A vehicle service plan is a great way of budgeting for servicing, and is available on both new and used cars.


What's included in a car service plan?

Vehicle technician checking underneath a yellow MINI Cooper

What's included in your service plan will depend on the type of plan you've purchased, since some providers offer different cover with their products.

Typically, a basic service plan will cover essential maintenance on your car, which usually consists of minor and major services, which are carried out in alternate years throughout the course of your agreement.

What does a minor service include?

An Evans Halshaw minor service includes the following:

What does a major service include?

An Evans Halshaw major service includes the following:

  • Oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • A vehicle health check
  • Air filter replacement
  • Pollen filter replacement

Some providers will offer a service plan that's tailored to your specific vehicle, since manufacturers outline what the recommended service schedule is for each of their vehicles.

What is the difference between a manufacturer service and regular service?

The difference between a service that follows a manufacturer's schedule, and what's been outlined in the minor and major services above, is:

  • A manufacturer service is completed at a set date / mileage that's been set by the carmaker, whereas a minor or major service doesn't.
  • Depending on your service plan, a manufacturer service will include some other serviceable items, such as spark plugs and fuel filters (where applicable), whereas this is usually an optional extra for more basic plans.
  • Manufacturer services use parts produced by the carmaker themselves, whereas minor and major service use manufacturer approved parts.

What are the benefits of a car service plan?

Vehicle technician checking under the bonnet of a yellow MINI Cooper

There are a number of benefits to purchasing a car service plan from Evans Halshaw, such as:

  • Collection and delivery of your vehicle (where available)
  • Free seasonal health checks
  • Free tyre puncture repairs
  • Free valet with every visit
  • 10 percent off accessories
  • Interest-free payments
  • Discounts on MOTs

Is a car service plan worth it?

A car service plan is very much worth it because of the number of benefits available when you purchase one.

Not only do you get a number of complimentary services included, such as seasonal health checks and valets with every visit, you also get discounts on the likes of MOTs and accessories.

However, the main selling point is that you get to spread the cost of maintenance on your vehicle over an agreed period of time, allowing you to budget more effectively without having to worry about costly lump sums on an annual/bi-annual basis.

Not only that, but the payments are typically interest free (provider dependent), so you don't need to worry about paying excessively on interest for the privilege. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel a service plan?

Yes, a car service plan can be cancelled at any time, which has to be done via a company called EMaC, who handle the administration of your car's service plan. However, there is a £50 cancellation fee, unless you're within the first 14 days of the plan starting, in which case it's free of charge as part of a 'cooling off' period.

Can a service plan be transferred?

A service plan cannot be transferred to a new owner. However, it can be transferred to a different car you purchase. The monthly payment may need adjusting in line with your new car's servicing schedule and requirements, though.

Does a service plan cover brakes?

A service plan typically only covers regular serviceable items, such as oil and filters. Brakes (discs and pads) are considered a wear and tear component, and aren't covered in any of our service plans.

How long does a service plan last?

A service plan can last anywhere between two and ten years. How long is available to you during the purchasing stage will depend on your vehicle's age and mileage.