Top Tips to Keep Cool in Your Car This Summer

13th Jul 2021

Keeping Your Cool

Summer time in the UK is always a topic of debate. We look forward to it for what seems like an age, yet when it gets here, just as much as we love a good moan about it raining all the time, we like a good moan about it being too hot sometimes too. Classic.

A hot car is perhaps one reason why the humid weather can become a bit of an annoyance, especially if your backside has ever touched a boiling hot leather seat...

Of course, the perfect solution to staying cool in your car this summer has already been invented, yes, the marvel that is air conditioning. But, what happens if your car doesn't have it?

Below are a few tips on how to keep cool without it, although some could also be a great addition to air conditioning too. Read on to find out more.

Park in the shade

Porsche In the Shade

Let's kick off with an obvious one. Parking in the shade will keep your car cooler when the sun makes an appearance. We've all been there, when we have left our car in the office car park all day in the blazing sun, to finally get in the car come home time and be met with what feels like a four-wheeled sauna, or three-wheeled sauna if you happen to own a Reliant Robin.

Of course, finding shade is not always possible, but if you can, it's always worth it to make your car that little bit cooler. Naturally, when you start driving the interior of the car will get hotter, but read on below for some other tips that may help with that.

Dress for the occasion

Summer Driver

Again, this sounds straight forward but if you've ever worn denim in a heatwave, you have already found that it's not really ideal or comfortable.

Shorts and a t-shirt is always a winner, but whatever you do, don't team them with a pair of flip-flops as these are perhaps the worst footwear to drive in, as they can get wedged with the accelerator or brake pedal, meaning the chance of an accident is increased - and we don't want that to happen do we.

A good pair of trainers or comfortable, stable shoes is always a good bet not only for summer, but all year round as comfort whilst driving is always a welcome feeling, and helps with a safer drive too.

Drive with wet hair

Wet Hair

Bit of a random one granted, but wet hair teamed with the windows lowered (not too much, don't want hair blowing in your face) will keep you cool, and you don't have to waste time drying your hair before you leave the house. Ideal for those who are always late or don't care about their hairstyle being perfect all the time.

Of course, guys who are rocking the Vin Diesel look will not benefit from this tip; for that we can only apologise.

Sun shades and covering seats

Windscreen Cover

A sun shade is a great way to keep your car cooler if you don't have access to a garage or whilst your car is parked up in the baking sun. Windscreen sun shades/cover are popular in both hot and cold weather and can help ensure that when it's time to get back in your car, after work for example, the dashboard and interior shouldn't feel like it's on fire come summer time.

Covering the seats can also help if you don't have a sun shade, especially if you have leather seats, as you don't want to be sitting on hot leather after your car has been parked in the sun all day, as it's not very nice. Covering the steering wheel and gear knob is also a good idea if you can't park in the shade to stop them becoming hot to touch.

Maintain Air Conditioning

Air Con Vent

Air conditioning is the only real mainstream way of keeping cool whilst driving your car in summer. If you're lucky to have it in your car, make sure it's working at its best come summer time.

It's always a good idea to check the system before the summer months, to make sure it's working properly, so that when summer comes you are not greeted with uncomfortable hot air.

Some modern cars even allow you to set the air conditioning to pre-condition your car before you get in which is handy, and will ensure a much more pleasant entry.

You can book a free air-con health check at any Evans Halshaw.


Water Bottle

Another simple tip for keeping cool in your car in summer is making sure you have plenty of water at hand for each journey. You can buy special water bottles that keep water cold for hours and it's important to stay hydrated, especially when it's hot.

Ice packs can also come in handy, and with some cars having cooled gloveboxes, keeping normal water bottles or snacks in there can be handy if you get peckish or thirsty too.

A supply of water can also be useful if your car overheats, so if your car is older it may be worth carrying a little spare water just in case.

Driving with the windows open

Dog Poking Out the Window

Some owners, even with air conditioning, prefer driving in summer with the windows open. It can be nice with the breeze coming into the car, helping keep cool, but sometimes the weather is rather muggy, meaning more warm air in the cabin.

Sometimes just opening windows slightly can make a massive difference, and this can also help if your car is parked. This is only recommended for secure office car parks for example, as leaving a window open slightly could mean the car is a target for thieves, but usually if the car is parked in an office car park, you often see windows open slightly in summer, maybe an inch on each side for example making it less hot for when home time comes.

Happy to Help

We hope these tips are helpful, but remember, we can help further with checks or products available from all of our Evans Halshaw retailers that can help you even more come summer time in the UK.

Or perhaps you fancy a new or used car complete with air conditioning? Search our new car offers and used car offers today to find your perfect car today.