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What is a Vehicle Health Check

A Vehicle Health Check is visual inspection of your car carried out by our trained technicians. They’ll check the following areas of your car:

Tyres - We’ll check all your tyres to ensure the inner, outer and the tyre thread depth is correct for your specific model.

Internal - We’ll check that all your lights are working properly to ensure you are visible on the road and that your wipers are working. We will also check the steering of your vehicle to ensure your car is handling properly.

Externally - We’ll check the bodywork of your vehicle, looking out for any scratches, dents and bumps.

Under the Bonnet - We’ll check that your fluid levels are correct, including the oil level. Your battery power level will also be checked to ensure you don’t run out of juice!

Underneath - We’ll check your exhaust and ensure it’s making the right noise. Your suspension is an important part of the car as it effects your steering and handling so it will also be thoroughly checked.

At Evans Halshaw we understand it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to keep your car healthy. That's why we offer this free Vehicle Health Check each time you visit us. When our experienced technicians have looked over your car, we'll create an easy-to-follow video report highlighting any problems that we've spotted.

Call 0333 323 9206 to book a Vehicle Health Check or complete our online form.

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Video Health Check

Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself

Our Video Health Check takes servicing your car to a whole new level. This revolutionary bit of kit will now bring our workshop direct to your computer or mobile device.

Once our experienced technicians have checked your car, they'll send you a video report highlighting any problems that they've spotted.

If we find something during your complementary vehicle health check, our technicians will film a short video to show and tell you about what they've identified along with any recommendations they suggest.

Once completed, you will be emailed a link to your vehicle's inspection report where our technician will take you through any work that we recommend needs doing, at the click of a button you can authorise any or all of the items identified - instantly instructing the technician taking care of your car.

This complimentary service is just one of the benefits you get from visiting your local Evans Halshaw dealership.

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Common Issues

Pothole problems

Potholes can be more trouble than you think! Not only are they uncomfortable to drive over, they can damage your tyres, suspension and car's wheel alignment! This counts for over a third of mechanical issues in the UK.

These effects can happen gradually, so you may not even notice a decrease in your car's performance! But don't worry, this is included in our Vehicle Health Check.

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Your Results

Once your vehicle has been through the Vehicle Health Check it will be assessed on a traffic light system to show the condition and assess any further actions to be taken.

Green - Great! No further action is required to your vehicle. You're good to go!

Amber - The component is OK for now but work will need to be done on it in the near future, or you can have the work done there and then if you prefer.

Red - Immediate attention is required for your safety and/or because the component is past the legal limit.

Following your Vehicle Health Check we will talk you through your report advising you should we identify any amber or red conditions. Don't worry, there is no obligation to carry out any of the work, we just want to make you aware of our recommendations.

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Need a more advanced check?

If you think that your car has something specific wrong with it then we can perform a Technical Assessment on your vehicle to try and get to the bottom of the problem for you.

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Price Guarantee

If you can find a similar service or repair at a competitor business within a 5-mile radius outside Evans Halshaw Group for less, within 5 days of the date of your service invoice, we will refund the difference in price. Claims submitted under the Price Guarantee must be accompanied by a genuine written quotation from the competitor business. Retail customers only.

Vehicle Health Check FAQs

Can I get a free vehicle health check if I am not an Evans Halshaw customer?
Yes anyone can book a vehicle health check and you don't have to spend a penny to do so.

What is a vehicle health check?
It's a free basic check of your car followed up by a video listing any recommendations

Why do I need one?
It's a good way to give your car a once over between services.

How long will it take?
It will take about 15-20 minutes.

Will you take immediate action without consulting me if my result is Red?
We will never start work on your car without your permission and don't worry, there is no obligation to carry out any of the work either. You will simply be advised of any actions we may recommend.

If my VHC result is Red will you be able to fix it that day or do I need to book it in another day?
If the work is reported in Red then we would not recommend that you drive your vehicle as the fault is deemed to require an urgent repair as it is unsafe. Most parts are readily available with next day delivery so the vehicle should not be off the road for too long

Can I have courtesy car while my car is being repaired?
If a courtesy car is available then this would be offered for a small daily fee. If we have run out of courtesy cars then we can also offer a lift home and collection service.

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