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BMW ix3

The BMW iX3 is a fully electric SUV that was launched in late 2020. It's essentially a BMW X3 but instead of featuring an internal combustion engine, it's been swapped for an electric motor and battery.

BMW decided that not everyone buying an electric car wants to stand out and look 'futuristic' and so the iX3 and X3 look almost identical. The only things separating the electric iX3 is a black plastic kidney grille, aerodynamically styled alloy wheels and a few blue details here and there. It has a plenty going for it, including:

  • Smart looks
  • Pretty quick for an SUV
  • Quite reserved for an electric car
  • Typical BMW quality throughout

Engines and Driving Experience

BMW ix3

Being fully electric there is no engine in the iX3, instead the 20kWh battery and electric motor help the car produce 282bhp. This means the iX3 is no slouch when it comes to getting a wriggle on, with 0 to 62mph taking just 6.8 seconds, not bad for a family SUV.

Being electric, the overall driving experience is calm, refined and typical of a BMW. However, if you place this electric SUV in sport mode, an electronic sound track is pumped into the cabin via the speakers enhancing the driving experience for those who require it.

It's certainly different and is quite nifty with electric cars not really having an external noise.

Practicality and Running Costs

BMW ix3

Being a medium-sized SUV, the iX3 offers plenty of practicality. It's as good as its internal combustion engined sibling, which is interesting as many electric cars rob space from the floor, comprising legroom, which isn't the case here.

The boot offers decent space too, with 510 litres, which is only 40 litres less than that of the petrol and diesel versions of the BMW X3.

As for running costs, you should see around 285 miles out of a charge which is handy and should be cheaper to run than a petrol or diesel powered X3.

You'll also benefit from not having to pay congestion charges and the like due to the car's fully electric nature.

Interior, Technology, and Safety

BMW ix3

Jump in the BMW iX3, and you'd probably think you were stepping into a petrol or diesel BMW X3, as they are even harder to tell the difference on the inside than outside.

Being a BMW, the interior is made up of fine materials and with decent leather choices and a fully digital instrument binnacle and infotainment screen; the iX3 is a great place to spend time behind the wheel.

You get things like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, as well as sat-nav, DAB and wireless phone charging.

There's a lot of safety tech as standard too which includes BMW's Driving Assistant Professional, as well as Parking Assistant, Electronic Stability Control and Lane Keep Assist also available.

Is the BMW iX3 right for me?

If you like the idea of a smart SUV like the BMW X3, but quite fancy an electric version, then the BMW iX3 may be the solution for you.

The BMW iX3 is also a great used car choice if you want an electric car that doesn't stand out too much like other 'futuristic' looking electric cars.

Being a BMW, quality is excellent, and you shouldn't have much trouble finding the perfect spec on the used market.

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