Helping us keep you safe

Helping us keep you safe

Here at Evans Halshaw we make keeping your personal details safe and accurate a priority. Here are some quick tips on how you can help us to keep your details safe.

Getting in touch with us

To make sure we're speaking to the right person when you contact us about your account, we will always ask you a couple of questions to verify your identity. We want to help you avoid unwanted delays, so to make the check quick and smooth:

  • Double check that there are no spelling mistakes in your details.
  • Make sure the details you provide are personal to you - don't use your work number or email address, since other people can access them
  • If you need someone else to help you manage your account, let us know next time you speak to us and we'll talk you through how to authorise them

If you need to update the information we hold about you, please get in touch

Getting in touch with you

By setting contact preferences, you can ensure that we only contact you on the channels that you want us to. To set your preferred contact methods, along with your preferences for marketing messages, simply click the link at the bottom of any email from Evans Halshaw.

Providing documents

When you sell your car to us, you'll need to provide us with copies of documents that verify your identity. These need to be separate proofs of ID and home address. We need these documents to prevent fraud and money laundering, and to make sure that the person selling a car has a legal right to do so. The required documents are:

  • Valid UK passport or driver's license showing your photo and full name
  • A home utility bill or bank statement sent to you within the last 3 months
  • The V5C document showing your name as the owner of the vehicle

Social media

One way of getting in touch with Evans Halshaw is via our social media channels. Sometimes though, we may ask to move the conversation into a private or direct message. We do this to make sure that we can verify your identity without exposing your personal details to the general public.

  • We’ll always send you a link you can click to talk to us privately about your account on social media
  • We’ll never, ever ask you for payment, credit or debit account details – and please don’t send them to us on these channels
  • If, during your conversation with us, we think you’ve posted something which exposes you to risk of identity theft or fraud, we’ll respond and recommend that you remove it.

For more great advice on how to stay safe whilst using social media, check out

Can we do more?

Got a great idea on how we can do more to keep your data safe? Want to contribute tips for other drivers on how to stay safe online? Talk to us here.