Uniqueness at the July Car Café 2017

05th Jul 2017

Car enthusiasts were once again out in force showcasing their pride and joy's, ensuring the 2017 July Nottingham Car Café meet was yet another brilliant car meet.

As well as the usual selection of supercars, performance cars and classics; the July Car Café was full of striking BMW M Cars, along with an array of unique new MINI hatchbacks. These lined up side by side - making quite a spectacle for those who admire the famous Munich car maker, as nearly every M car from the modern era was represented - in an equally impressive array of colours. The MINI's were also seen sporting a striking selection of performance enhancements, as well as multiple styling details which looked great parked up next to their more dominant M car siblings.

Mustang line up
Elsewhere, supercars, classic cars and regulars were a welcome sight within the car park. A pair of accustomed Nissan GT-R's were also making their presence known with their incredible sounding performance exhaust systems and striking performance modifications - one of them even had a striking flip paint effect wrap, ensuring it stood out even more in the already eclectic car park full of automotive variation.
Ferrari line up

A first for Car Café happened to be a rather unique Lincoln Town car - complete with 'low-rider' styling features and hydraulics! It was often seen bouncing up and down thanks to its endless supply of batteries - powering the hydraulics; which took up most of the cars boot space. The car certainly ensured its owner was never short of questions, from a mesmerised selection of petrolheads. The car was also seen leaving Car Café bouncing up and down, to the delight of many onlookers.

Elsewhere, classic cars - such as the ever-popular VW Camper van, and fast Fords were also well catered for, along with a number of bonified supercars; such as the incredible Ferrari 458 and Porsche 911 Turbo S.

With the weather also glorious, we can't wait to see what the next Car Café meet in August has to offer!

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MINI line up