Top 5 Classic Fords at Car Café Nottingham in June

05th Jun 2018

Desirable Ford models - both new and old - always have a strong showing at Car Cafe events, particularly at the Nottingham meet which happens from April to October. With priority parking made available for classic cars at June's event, Ford enthusiasts were out in force to show off their classic and sought-after metal. Here's our top 5 picks of the bunch.


1. 1975 Ford Escort Mk II RS 1800

Curiously, the registration number look up for this vehicle returns an RS 2000, but the looks tell a different story. The MK II Ford Escort is for many the best-looking of all the Escort generations, and this crisp white example was in tremendous condition. Complete with rally-spec headlights and a period-correct 'Shell Sport' sun strip, it was a real pleasure to behold, even on what turned out to be a very rainy morning.
White Escort

2. 1991 Ford Fiesta Mk III RS Turbo

Despite the significant popularity when launched way back in 1990, the Fiesta RS Turbo is a hugely rare sight on UK roads today, with less than 100 registered for road use in 2017 according to How Many Left. More and more are being stashed away by collectors and classic car investors, so it was joyous to see a pristine black example braving the wet conditions, complete with Recaro seats and OZ Racing alloy wheels.
Ford Fiesta RS Turbo

3. 1993 Ford Escort Mk V RS Cosworth

Escort Cosworths are always a popular sight at Car Cafe, as like with the Fiesta RS Turbo, many are being left in garages as values continue to soar. There are well over 300 registered for road use according to How Many Left, and it was a pleasure to welcome this modified example to Car Cafe. The wheels, the bonnet vents and of course the whale-tail spoiler make this one of the most iconic performance Fords ever made.
Ford Escort Cosworth

4. 1968 Ford Escort Mk I Mexico

As Ford enthusiasts will know, the Mk I Mexico was conceived after historic success for Ford in rallying, most notably the 16,000-mile London-Mexico rally. Despite the relatively low power output of 86 bhp from a 1598cc engine, the Escort Mexico is brilliantly entertaining to drive thanks to responsive steering and a marvellous gearshift. A welcome addition to the classic Ford collection at Car Cafe June.
Yellow Ford Escort RS

5. 1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

The iconic performance Ford models just kept coming, and the whale-tail of the Escort Cosworth was joined by another hatchback with a gigantic rear spoiler - this 1986 Sierra RS Cosworth. Instantly recognisable as a serious performance model, it's not hard to imagine a time where this vehicle was the hottest new car you could buy, and it remains achingly cool to this day. A worthy inclusion in our top 5.
Silver Sierra Cosworth