Rewind to 2002: Peugeot 307

10th Jun 2013

To be honest, when reviewing the year that was 2002, there really wasn't that much that I could use to recap the year, however after minutes of intensive searching on Wikipedia, I've mustered up some info from 11 years ago to share with you.

It would be unfair to everyone's favourite DJ, Tony Blackburn if I didn't mention his victory on the I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. The successful reality show launched that year and has been presented by PJ and Duncan from Byker Grove ever since. In slightly more serious news, Latvia won the Eurovision Song Contest title which is their only victory to date.


The world of sport saw two major events take place in 2002. Firstly the Winter Olympics was held in Salt Lake City (USA) where unbelievably, Great Britain came away with a Gold medal thanks to Rhona Martin and her crew in the curling. There was a slightly less surprising outcome in the other big event that year as Brazil claimed their 5th FIFA World Cup and became the most successful international team of all time in the process.


Right, let's talk automotive stuff! In 2002 it was the turn of the French manufacturing giants to impress as the Peugeot 307 pinched the European Car of the Year ahead of the Renault Laguna. The modern looking hatchback scored high in many areas as it was described as the 'best balanced' small family car.

It looks good, had better build quality than earlier Peugeots and had a comfortable interior. An addition the words 'functional', 'spacious' and 'versatile' were all used to describe the French motor. Available with engines sizes between 1.4L and 2.0L, there was a good variety for the 307 customers to pick from.


The 307 was one of the first models to adopt the new Peugeot design. This was a huge leap from previous models and its popularity showed the change was a positive one for the brand. Ladies and gentlemen, I give the Peugeot 307, a well-deserved winner of the European Car of the Year award. Search Used Peugeot
Peugeot 307