May’s Car Café Sees Another Incredible Turnout

12th May 2017

Saturday May 6th played host to the second Nottingham Car Café meet of 2017, at the Pendragon HQ in Nottingham.

Standards were set extremely high due to the April meet seeing record numbers, therefore the May meet had a lot to live up to. Undoubtedly, those who attended were not disappointed!

A new registration system was introducedforthe May meet due to just how busy the April meet turned out to be. Again, the weather was not on side, with many of the attendees to the car meet turning up under grey skies, with a shower of rain putting a slight dampener on things. Luckily, the rain dried up fairly quickly and car enthusiasts walked round the meet without worry of getting completely soaked.

The selection of cars on offer was once again of the highest order. The infamous prancing horse of Ferrari was lurking in various areas of both car parks, all naturally appearing in variations of Ferrari red from a lovely F430 to two examples of the naturally aspirated V12 colossus that is the Ferrari F12. Several examples of the Nissan Skyline bloodline were also representing, with an ultra-rare, black Nissan GT-R Nismo parked next to a classic Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R – which proudly presented an impressive engine bay showing this particular R32 Skyline had undergone many power upgrades, staying true to how quick these particular cars can be. Incidentally, opposite these GT-R’s sat an R34 GT-R Skyline in white creating a family face off of incredible performance Nissan’s.

Red Aston Martin DB11

Car Café has a beauty of bringing all aspects of car culture together, and this could be seen with some truly exceptional cars attending which you certainly don’t see on a daily basis. A classic, tiny Messerschmitt was just one of these examples, parked up next to a varied selection of hot hatchbacks and performance cars – making for such a broad variety of cars and car cultures all displayed in one place. Even the overflow car park did not disappoint with a selection of gems scattered throughout. A raw Noble M12 GTO was spotted hiding away in a corner, as well as bold classic Chevrolet from the 1940’s sat next to a more modern Porsche Cayman and the latest Ford Mustang for good measure. Hot hatchbacks proved to be well catered for too, with all three generations of the ultra-popular Ford Focus RS on display in a sea of colours – many with enhancements to the engine, body and wheels.

Browse our gallery to see some of our favourite cars from the meet.

It is worth noting that there will no longer be a registration process for the remaining Car Café Nottingham meets which include June, July, August and September. Also, due to how popular the Car Café meets have become, Car Café now also happens in Hull and Wilmslow.

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Blue BMW