Ghosts Spotted at Evans Halshaw Citroen Doncaster?

27th Oct 2017

Most people tend to think ghosts are a figure of the imagination - a myth - and footage including these "souls", are merely edited.

Team members at Evans Halshaw Citroen in Doncaster certainly had a surprise one morning when they checked the CCTV from the night before. If you don't believe in ghosts, we can assure that this footage will change your mind.

Not only one, but two ghouls have been spotted in Evans Halshaw Citroen Doncaster's car park. CCTV cameras at this dealership have sensors that are notified to record by movement.

In this video, the camera not only picks up the movement of these ghosts, it squares in on the "faces" of these beings. Although it may be hard to believe - this footage is completely unaltered.

As can be seen from the video, the first ghost seems to be walking towards the Citroen Picasso parked in the Doncaster dealership. It may only last a couple of seconds, but the shape of the shadow cannot be ignored. The exact outline of a human body, walks a few steps, and then disappears - incredible!

The most fascinating thing about this video is that it could have easily been overlooked as a one-off occurrence, but later that week... The ghost returned. Or was it a different spirit? We'll let you decide.

Although it's only a very brief visit to the car park that we can see, our second visitor is much more identifiable. As we get closer, a face on the ghoul becomes apparent. From our point of view, the figure looks as though it could be wearing a hood too, very interesting!

Citroen Doncaster have not been visited since these sightings - but we can certainly say that they will be looking out for ghosts in the future.

Where do you think these spirits came from?