Citroen C5 Aircross Now Available to Order

03rd Dec 2018


ou can now get your hands on Citroen's brand-new SUV - the C5 AIRCROSS.

The compact SUV will have all the distinctive characteristics of every Citroen vehicle - energetic, confident and unique-looking, all in line with their DNA.

However, the desirability does not stop there because Citroen has introduced a wide selection of advanced technology including the all-new Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® suspension system which drastically improves its ride.


Interior and Exterior Styling

The outstanding C5 Aircross SUV delivers a well-built, solid, stylish outer body which is available in 30 exterior colour combos, leaving you spoilt for choice. At 4.50m in length and showing off its large alloy wheels, the C5 stands proud amongst competing SUVs, whilst maintaining an improved lighter ride.

The C5 Aircross enters the SUV market as a bold and bright contender, boasting all-new graphics and two-colour roof bars. The glazed panoramic sunroof finishes this slick design, whilst highlighting its first-class commitment to its stylish consumer.

The length of the wheelbase at 2,730mm is the largest in its category, ensuring copious amounts of space inside. This ideal family car boasts a myriad of handy storage areas too and a generous 580 to 720 litre capacity boot, ensuring there's plenty of room for luggage essentials.

During warmer months, the deluxe panoramic sunroof will put the wind in your hair on a beautiful summers day. To fully enjoy your surroundings, the roof retracts very simply via wide panels that slide and tilt.

Inside, there are 4 alternate interior themes that are coherent with warm colour undertones; Metropolitan Beige, Hype Brown and Metropolitan Grey.

Massage Seats



On your long or short distance journeys, take the time to enjoy 20 extra driver-assist features. Admire a state-of-the-art dashboard featuring a 12.3" touchscreen, displaying all essential driver necessities and luxuries including a reversing camera and 360 vision.

Alongside that, seats in the front of the C5 Aircross offer an advanced multi-point massage system which operates via eight air pockets arranged over the backrest. With the choice of five different programmes, you will be super-relaxed at all times.

However, what makes the C5 Aircross unique is its forward-thinking incorporation of 6 connectivity technologies. Whether its business or pleasure, Citroen wants you to feel at home and fully connected within the space of your new car. All within arm's reach on the dashboard, the all-new Citroen technology provides;

  • A navigation system
  • Wireless smartphone charging
  • ConnectedCAM Citroën™
  • Mirror screen
  • Citroën connect nav
  • Citroën connect box with pack SOS & assistance
Interior Technology

Improved Ride

A recently developed Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® suspension system ensures that the new Citroen C5 Aircross achieves its main objective in providing a distinctively smoother drive.

Especially since the UK’s recent harsh winters, much of the roads have been left in an uneven state, leaving our vehicles at further risk of progressive damage. However, thanks to the all-new technology which has drastically improved shock absorption and decreased bouncing from the recoil, the brand-new C5 Aircross reduces the probability of damage when hitting those dreaded pot holes.

The French manufacturer is confident enough to compare the car to a “magic carpet ride” because the lightness and flexibility give the effect that the vehicle itself is drifting above the ground.

Combined with the ever-evolving suspension system, Citroen go that extra mile to ensure the ride is smoother than ever before. First, we have the grip control with hill assist descent function, which maintains control and security on those steep inclines.

Its sister feature, hill-start assist, provides the rested assurance that those dreaded hill starts are a breeze. Another handy asset is the trailer stability assist, which is designed and fitted onto the C5 Aircross to avoid individual wheel slip. On top of all this, the C5 Aircross supplements two extra gears which alongside the smoother ride, provides smoother gear changes.

Great choice in the latest engines

The Citroen C5 Aircross will be well-equipped and highly-efficient, considering the latest-generation engines and gearboxes which are already used in some Citroen's MPVs.

The all-new C5 Aircross range is completed with two petrol and three diesel versions, providing a choice of 130 or 180 bhp. The range consists of automatic and manual transmission choices which are both cohesive with the all-new high-tech suspension systems.

Citroen are always looking for innovative ways to improve fuel efficiency. The SUV's 8-speed auto gearbox available in both petrol and diesel engines improves fuel consumption by up to 7% compared to the traditional 6-speed auto. The shift and park by wire control is an additional feature offering even more efficiency and easiness to your driving experience.

Current C5 Offers
PureTech (petrol) 130 Manual 6-speed Euro 6.2
PureTech (petrol) 180 Automatic 8-speed Euro 6.2
BlueHDi (diesel) 130 Manual 6-speed Euro 6.2
BlueHDi (diesel) 130 Automatic 8-speed Euro 6.2
BlueHDi (diesel) 180 Automatic 8-speed Euro 6.2