Middlesbrough Golf Day Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions


To qualify for a Prize a Contestant must achieve a Hole-In-One during the Contest on a Main Prize Hole or Ancillary Prize Hole as specified in the Schedule and adhere to the Terms and Conditions of this Contract.

a. Contestants

A Hole-In-One must occur by an officially registered Contestant in the specified Contest named in the Schedule. Premiums are based upon three categories of shots: those taken by amateur golfers; those taken by club professionals; those taken by PGA and LPGA and foreign touring professionals. You must correctly state the number of shots to be taken in each category to have a valid Contract. This is particularly important as many tournaments have professionals playing with amateurs, but the professionals are designated ineligible to win the Hole-In-One prize. If a professional golfer is eligible to win any Hole-In-One Prize(s), the individual must be counted as a Contestant in this Contract.

b. Holes

All holes will measure from teeing ground to flag stick no less than the distance specified in the Schedule. Women may shoot from a distance of up to 15 yards less than that of men, without effecting the premium but not less than 135-yards on the Main Prize hole. In no event may any player shoot at a Main Prize Hole(s) from less than 135 yards. Only one pre-designated hole may be used on the target green. Nine (9) hole courses must specify which hole(s) will be eligible during the official coverage round. Coverage does not apply unless the Prize is offered on the exact target hole as specified in the Schedule. Hole designated 1-9 would be considered front side and holes 10-18 the backside of a nine hole course.

c. Security

The Insured must ensure that the following security is in place throughout the Contest on all Main Prize Holes as specified in the Schedule. All Official Witnesses must be non-participants, age 21 or older and appointed by the Insured as follows:

  1. Main Prize limits up to £25,000 require one Official Witness on the Main Prize Hole(s)
  2. Main Prize limits of £25,001 - £50,000 – require two Official Witnesses, one of whom is positioned at the tee-off area and the other of whom is positioned adjacent to the Main Prize Hole green.
  3. Main Prize limits over £50,000 require a Loss Adjuster (as agreed by Underwriters) or a representative of WHNO to watch the entire Main Hole activity, as well as raw, unedited videotape of the entire Main Hole activity.

No Official Witnesses are required on the Ancillary Prize Holes (as specified in the Schedule).

d. Practice Shots

Absolutely no practice shots or mulligans are permitted on Main Prize or Ancillary Prize hole(s). Only one shot per Contestant per hole is permitted. The Royal and Ancient define a shot as a “stroke”. Each category of authorised number of shots is specifically permitted only during the exact stipulated round(s) of the named Contest on the exact date(s) listed in the Schedule.

e. Variable Contest Conditions

Changes to the information in the Schedule, or postponement or cancellation of the Contest due to weather conditions require notification to Underwriters prior to the start of the Contest. You may communicate any changes in required coverage to your broker or Underwriters (via telephone +44 1727 843686 or via facsimile to +44 1727 855089 or email golf@hole-in-one.co.uk)

Each category of shots specified in the Schedule permit a 5% variance, plus or minus (+ or -), without a change in the premium. Shot variance greater than 5% must be reported to Underwriters prior to the start of the Contest. Premium adjustment will be invoiced/refunded after the tournament. The prize value will be prorated downward if a Hole-In-One occurs and the number of shots has been understated by more that 5% variance. (Example: Number of shots covered divided by number of shots taken times the prize value = Amount Paid):

Assuming no shots were taken on the target hole(s), a full 100% refund of the premium will be made if tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather preventing play, or this contract will be amended to a rescheduled rain date without additional charge. This is subject to Underwriters being notified within 5 working days of the cancellation. Written confirmation from the Golf Club must be provided. If signs are shipped for a tournament that is then cancelled and not rescheduled there will be a shipping and handling fee of £100.00.

f. Limit of Indemnity

Unless otherwise specified, Underwriters will award Main Prizes and Ancillary Prizes for every Hole-In-One during the Contest up to a maximum aggregate prize value of £200,000.


In the event of a Hole-In-One;

a. The Insured must notify the claim department of Underwriters of any claims as soon as reasonably possible, but ideally no later than within three business days of the loss.


Hole ‘N One Claims Department,

Second Floor, 3 Kinsbourne Court, 96-100 Luton Road, Harpenden, AL5 3BL Telephone 01727 843686 01727 855089 claims@wwsr.co.uk

b. The Insured will be required to furnish the following documentation to Underwriters or any Loss Adjuster appointed by Underwriters as proof of a Hole-In-One claim;

Main Prize(s)

  1. Claim forms completed by the Winner, the Official Witness(es), all playing partners and the resident club professional (these forms will be provided by Underwriters on notification of the Claim).

For Main Prize values up £25,000 all statements must be attested by a solicitor (at the Insured’s cost).

For Main Prize Values over £25,000 all Claim forms must be attested by a Public Notary (at the Insured’s cost).

  1. The Winner’s original scorecard and the original tournament pairing sheet.

3.Raw, unedited videotape and or a Loss Adjusters Report for Main Prize values as specified in Section C. Security on page 7 of this Contract.


Ancillary Prize(s)

  1. Claim Form Statements by the Winner and two playing partners (forms will be provided by Underwriters on notification of the Claim).
  2. ii. The Winner’s original scorecard and the original tournament pairing sheet.

Underwriters reserve the right to substitute Ancillary Prizes for Ancillary Prizes of a similar type and of equal or greater value.

Upon receipt of proof of claim Underwriters may conduct a reasonable investigation including, but not limited to, requiring the Insured to produce the witnesses, the Winner and/or resident club professional for polygraph examination as a condition to payment of the claim if in the sole opinion of Underwriters such an examination is warranted by the facts.

Fraudulent claims

If the Insured, or anyone acting on their behalf, make a claim knowing it to be false or fraudulent in amount or in any other respect, this insurance will become invalid. This means Underwriters will not pay the false or fraudulent claim, or any subsequent claim.





Any information you have provided will be dealt with by us in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. For the purposes of providing this insurance and the handling of any claims or complaints, we may need to transfer certain information which you have provided to other parties




Worldwide Hole ‘n One Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority F.C.A. registration number 305121.

In this contract of insurance, Lloyd’s Underwriters’ syndicate numbers and proportions are:

AXIS Syndicate number 1686 for 50.00%

Chaucer Syndicate number 1084 for 50.00%

Lloyd’s Underwriters bind themselves severally and not jointly, that is, in the event of a loss, each of the Underwriters (and their Executors and Administrators) is liable only for their own share of their syndicate's proportion of the risk.

The Insured or their representative can obtain the name of each Lloyd’s Underwriter and their respective shares by applying to Market Services, Lloyd’s, One Lime Street, London EC3M 7HA.

Lloyd’s Underwriters are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority.

Lloyd’s Underwriters’ Firm Reference Number(s) and other details can be found on the Financial Services Register at www.fca.org.uk