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New Self-Charging Hybrid Systems for DS 3 and DS 4

05th Apr 2024

By Chris Russon

Silver DS 3 Front Parked Silver DS 4 Front Parked
Silver DS 3 Front Parked Silver DS 4 Front Parked

French brand DS has a new hybrid set up which will be making its debut on the DS 3 and DS 4 in the next few weeks.

The self-charging system is claimed to offer fuel savings of up to almost 20 percent on the DS 3 and around 15 percent on the larger DS 4.

The new hybrid models use a 133bhp, 1.2-litre 3-cylinder engine mated to a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission which houses an electric motor.

For DS 3, the zero to 62mph time is 1.2 seconds faster at 8.4 seconds and the 1,000-metre standing start time is reduced by 1.1 seconds to 29.7 seconds, compared with the PureTech 130 Automatic engine.

The performance of DS 4 is also improved, compared to the PureTech 130 Automatic engine, with a zero to 62mph time of 10.4 seconds (1.2 seconds faster) and a 1,000-metre standing start covered in 31.7 seconds - 1.3 seconds quicker.

Prices for the new models are expected to be announced shortly and are likely to start in the low to mid £30,000s.

Prices correct as of 05/04/2024 and are subject to change.