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Released in 2008, the BMW X6 was the first coupé-like SUV to hit the market. Featuring familiar chunky SUV looks, the X6 has a swooping roofline that now sees it coined as a coupé SUV.

Here, we are focusing on the third generation, first seen in 2019 and released in 2020. Since its birth back in 2008, other manufacturers have now offered their own coupé SUVs, meaning the BMW X6 was certainly a trend-setter.

As a used vehicle, the BMW X6 offers:

  • Unique styling
  • xDrive (all-wheel drive)
  • Enhanced SUV practicality and space
  • Dynamic ability
  • Quality/premium package
  • Decent spec/model choice

Discover if the BMW X6 is the right used vehicle for you below.

Engines and Driving Experience

BMW X6 Rear

Each BMW X6 comes with an automatic transmission, along with xDrive all-wheel drive. Petrol, diesel and hybrid engines include:

  • 3.0-litre diesel (badged 30d) with 286bhp
  • 3.0-litre diesel (badged 40d) with 340bhp
  • 3.0-litre petrol (badged 40i) with 333bhp
  • 3.0-litre diesel (badged M50d) with 395bhp
  • 4.5-litre petrol (badged M50i) with 530bhp

Like the X5 in which it's based on, the X6 is a fine SUV to drive. All BMW X6 models are quick considering their bulky SUV proportions, with 0 to 62mph times ranging from 4.3 seconds to 6.1 seconds. Despite their size, economy achievable from the diesel models is in the region of 40mpg, whereas the petrol versions unsurprisingly return less, but still offer around 30mpg.

The range-topping M50i offers incredible performance for an SUV, with its 4.3 second sprint to 62mph, it can outrun many sports cars. The disadvantage to this performance however, is a trip to the petrol station will happen more frequently, with its 23mpg economy.

Practicality and Running Costs

BMW X6 Side

With the BMW X6, what you gain in terms of unique style and striking looks, you do have to sacrifice in practicality, due to the swooping roofline. You will still be able to fit four adults in the X6 with decent comfort levels, however.

Boot space is a decent 580 litres, which is 70 litres short of its X5 sibling, which comes as no surprise. With the seats folded you do get 1,530 litres, as opposed to the X5, which has 1,870 litres.

Despite good economy in the diesel versions, the BMW X6 isn't going to be cheap to run. Insurance premiums are some of the highest available, as models sit between group 41 and 49 (50 is the highest).

BMW X6 servicing can be completed at any Evans Halshaw dealer, although we would recommend Stratstone BMW for more specialist care.

Interior, Technology and Safety

BMW X6 Interior

In a shift towards digital in this era of car, it's no surprise to see this generation of BMW X6 makes full use of fully-digital dials, which look fantastic and futuristic.

A central infotainment screen is also included, that is somewhat integrated into the top of the heater controls and central button set-up, which is easily accessible via both driver and front passenger. The general interior ambience of the BMW X6 is of high quality and premium nature.

As standard, the BMW X6 spec comes with all the luxury features you could want, including a 12.3-inch infotainment screen - which includes sat nav. There is also heated front seats, leather upholstery, wireless phone charging and front and rear parking sensors.

As for safety, the BMW X6 has not been crash tested by Euro NCAP, but being based on the X5, we would think it would receive a high score due to safety features in the range including:

  • LED lights
  • Automatic speed limit assistant
  • Emergency automatic braking
  • Steering and lane control assistant
  • Lane-departure warning

Is the BMW X6 right for me?

The BMW X6 is without doubt one of the most striking and unusual premium SUV choices out there, which set a trend for other manufacturers to follow.

Of course, rivals Mercedes-Benz offer the GLE Coupé, which will appeal if you are looking for a Coupé SUV offering, which also means the the Audi Q8 can also be considered.

If you don't need as much space, then the BMW X4 could also be worth a look, as that is essentially a smaller X6. And let's not forget the BMW X5, in which the X6 is based upon, if you need more practicality and want a more familiar, yet handsome, SUV shape.

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