Road Test Review: Kia Soul EV Maxx

Independent review by Jon Smith

4-minute read

Kia Soul EV Maxx Front Driving

Road Test: Kia Soul EV Maxx

Explore the key features of the Kia Soul EV Maxx in our expert road test review

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  • Enjoyable driving experience
  • Extensive electric range
  • Powerful
  • Dynamic design
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Looking for an electric car with a bit of character and soul?

Kia has got the very thing, and appropriately, it’s called the Soul EV, a boxy family hatch that boasts decent real-life range, generous accommodation and good dynamics.

Engine and Performance

The Kia Soul EV Maxx has punchy acceleration, a linear torque, and a respectable 0 to 62mph acceleration time of just under 8.0 seconds.

The ride is fluent over smooth surfaces, and it's always a bonus with an electric car to get the level of performance you can get from the Soul EV.

A driving range of 280 miles from the 201bhp motor is better than many competitors and will suit those committed to longer journeys.

The considerable power is directed to the front wheels and can provoke some wheel spin or torque steer in greasy or slippery conditions.

The amount of battery regeneration can also be controlled by paddles on the steering wheel, so you make the most of the charge.

Design and Practicality

The cabin is roomy enough for four adults, and headroom is no problem for taller individuals. The boot holds around 315 litres of luggage, which is a tad smaller than other rivals. However, it's well-shaped, usable and has a variable floor level to make loading easier and the rear seats also fold down to expand the luggage area.

With an upright seating position, tall stance, and relatively slender pillars, visibility from the Soul is excellent, which allows you to exploit the car’s great handling qualities.
Jon Smith


The Soul EV comes with loads of goodies including 10.25-inch touchscreen, leather seating, LED headlights, rearview camera, parking sensors and smart alloy wheels.


The Kia Soul EV Maxx is a practical and handsome all-electric vehicle, offering an enjoyable driving experience and plenty of features and equipment to enjoy.

With a considerable electric range, this family hatchback is perfect for longer journeys too and will keep up with all your driving needs.