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This year, Citroën are celebrating 100 years of innovation and heritage. Having produced over 300 models since establishing themselves as an automotive manufacturer in 1919, Citroën have taken pride in their ability to show boldness in everything they create, without losing the human attachment that brings life to the machine.

André Citroën, the brand's founder, had a vision from day-one. That vision was to create inexpensive automobiles that were well-engineered and fit for the purpose the everyday working man required them for. The philosophy has remained much the same, building a comfortable car that represents excellent value for money without compromising on quality engineering.

To celebrate 100 years, Citroën are releasing collector's editions of popular models that are designed to represent a modern interpretation of iconic vehicles from their past. Take the Citroën C1 Collector's Edition for example, it has been built to pay homage to the incredible Citroën 2CV. Below are some of the incredible vehicles Citroën have paid respects to, including a brief history of the chevron badge.

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Then And Now Citroen Comparison

  • citroen-c1-comparison

    The Citroën C1 pays respect to the ever popular Citroën 2CV, a car that was built for the working class man who needed transport. The C1 boasts all the modern luxuries you'd expect, but still remains true to the 2CV's small but hardworking nature.

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  • citroen-c3-comparison

    The Citroën C3 may not look like the Citroën Traction 15 on which it takes inspiration. Yet the qualities remain the same. Good-looking, beautifully designed interior, and a ride that soaks up every bump in the road - they share more than you think.

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  • citroen-c3-aircross-half-track-comparison

    The Citroën C3 AIRCROSS may not have the rear tracks that the Citroën Half-track Type P17 had back in the day, but that no-nonsense utilitarian nature is rife within the C3 AIRCROSS' DNA. Whatever the journey, the plucky SUV will get the job done.

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  • citroen-gs-c4-comparison

    The Citroën GS was the first car to make hydropneumatic suspension widely available. Now, The Citroën C4 Cactus becomes the first model to offer Progressive Hydraulic Cushions©. Remembering the older generations isn't always about aesthethics.

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History of the logo

The Citroën logo has changed six times since the brand first entered the world of automotive manufacturing in 1919. Yet, one thing has always remained throughout every change, the chevrons. To understand why Citroën have stayed true to the chevrons, we first need to take a look at their founder, André Citroën.

André was an engineer in his early days and discovered that using specific gear teeth for the herringbone (the chevron you see today) gears gave a result that was smoother, quieter and more efficient. That shape represented success for André, and he built the Citroën brand on exactly that.
The chevrons featured within an oval for much of the brand's earlier years, although a second parallel logo existed featuring a swan drifting in front of the chevrons between 1932-1935. The red square most of you will recognise appeared in 1984, before Citroën decided to bring the logo to the 21st century with a white background and red writing below it. Regardless of any change, the chevrons remain at the forefront of the Citroën brand and everything it represents.

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