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Welcome to Evans Halshaw DAF. We provide sales, advice and aftercare from our dedicated dealerships. We understand the factors that affect your business and we work with you to maximise your profitability by minimising downtime. DAF Trucks are designed and built to carry out your required logistics all day long.

We are based at four locations across the North of England: Birtley, Leeds, Sheffield and Stockton. With over 400 team members, our DAF Centres are fully equipped to get you moving and to keep on the road. We supply and service both new heavy commercial vehicles and used trucks and vans, as well as providing truck body and paint shop operations. Evans Halshaw DAF is your one-stop truck shop.

DAF Truck Body Types

DAF Models

  • Low Maintenance costs - Lees Frequent Service Intervals - 150,000km (93,205 mi)
  • Fuel efficiency (up to 7% lower fuel consumption)
  • Applications – Freight, Construction, Waste, Plant
  • Higher Revenue - Up to a 100kg higher payload
  • Robust Powerful Engines – up to 12.9-Litre engine
  • Improved Efficiency and driver experience - New Traxon Automated Gear Box
  • Pulling Power - Up to 2,500 Nm torque
  • Cabs – Day Cab, Space Cab, Super Space Cab
  • Cab Suspension – Mechanical or Air
  • Tech - Driving Performance Assistant (DPA) as standard
  • Safety - Hands-free Truck Phone
  • Versatile - Flat Chassis makes for versatility when fabricating body-builds
  • Tuned to Perfection - Optimal match between chassis design, steering, brakes and suspension
  • Less Noise Pollution -Low Decibel engines
  • Better Handling - VSC (Vehicle Stability Control)
  • Efficient Braking - (AEBS) Advanced Emergency Braking System
  • Convenient Speed Control - ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)
  • Applications - Freight, Construction, Plant
  • Wide range of engines - up to 375 kW/510 hp
  • Designed for Construction Trade - Specially Developed CF Construction Range
  • Functional- Light Freight, multi-drop, inner city
  • Less down time - Reduced frequency service intervals
  • Low unladen chassis weight – means increased Payload
  • Fuel efficiency (up to 7% lower fuel consumption)
  • Applications - Freight, Construction, Plant
  • Lower Costs –Fuel Efficiency
  • Powerful engine – Up to 325hp and 1,200 Nm of torque
  • Convenient Design -New Ergonomic cabin layout

DAF Trucks for Business


For your freight needs, all three models are suitable, depending on your payload.

The XF Euro 6 Tractor Unit is the most powerful of all the DAF models and comes with a 3 x 6 wheels chassis arrangement. Capable of producing 2,500 Nm in torque, the XF Euro 6 produces colossal pulling power and is able to deal with the heavy jobs; it's what it's built for. For long haul, there's the option of a Space Cab or Super Space Cab with unbeatable pocket-sprung bunks to ensure that a rested driver is a safer driver.

The CF Euro 6 Rigid chassis comes complete with a 2 x 4 chassis arrangement and is able to deal with most standard logistics and freight needs.

The LF Euro 6 Curtainside is perfectly suited to multi-drop inter-city freight requirements.


Most of our models have the adaptability to be used for heavy freight and construction. They are also flexible to your particular needs. Should you need to install a tipper or to have your own design bodyworks produced our ultra-flat chassis design is ideal to enable you to build your own body. We will work with you and our partners at Boweld or Thompson as applicable to fabricate a body which fits your requirements and budget.

Waste and Recycling

The LF Euro 6 has many applications within the waste disposal function. Primary uses are as a skip loader or waste disposal lorry. We will work you and our partners at Fruehauf to build robust fleet vehicles which have the strength and resilience for the heavy repetitive work that these functions require.

Plant Hire

Whether moving a forklift or a 360-degree excavator you need two things: a strong chassis base and efficient pulling power to get your heavy plant from A to B for the least cost.

For long-distance heavy plant movement, XF has the sheer strength and character to get your oversized orders on site, on time, every time. With Space Cab and Super Space Cab the 2.2-metre-long pocket-sprung bunks will give your driver a comfortable and restful night's sleep.

CF Euro 6 has mid-range capability, able to deal with average-sized loads and highly manoeuvrable to easily drop-off your plant machinery.

LF Euro 6 is perfect for the smaller plant hire. From cherry pickers to forklifts, the LF is a reliable work horse and will get your orders out to clients in budget and on time.


We are committed to ensuring that all customers have access to a wide range of financial services to facilitate their vehicle acquisitions.

To help you choose the right package for your business we have outlined some of the key benefits of the various solutions available in the financial market. Once you have chosen the right vehicle to meet your business requirements, you can arrange the type and length of agreement from one of the many options in our finance section.

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Why choose us?

There are many reasons to choose Evans Halshaw DAF. We offer many different services including new & used vans at everyday low prices, Renault Van authorised repairs and parts stockists, all makes van diagnostics and servicing and repairs. We also offer rolling road brake testing, roadside breakdown and recovery service plus many other services. We truly are a one stop shop. 

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