Land Rover Range Rover Sport in black on the road.

Used Range Rover Sport

Used Range Rover Sport

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Range Rover Sport Review

The clue is in the name when it comes to the Range Rover Sport, it's the more agile and sporty Range Rover compared to the larger more 'traditional' Range Rover.

First-gen 'Sports' are now over ten years old, yet still offer the iconic Range Rover comfort and luxury. Being the Sport, many see more tarmac than mud, however, in typical Land Rover fashion, the Range Rover Sport is also very capable off-road. Many engines are available in the first-gen, with diesel being more popular due to their better fuel economy.

Second-gen 'Sports' are more efficient than ever, and offer even more luxury. Unsurprisingly they are a lot more agile than the previous-gen models and are far quicker too.

  • Luxury
  • Off-road capabilities
  • Decent on-road
  • Improved efficiency in newer models
  • Hugely fast for such a large vehicle