Video Health Check

Video Health Check

Video Health Checks

Don't just take our word for it, see it for yourself

Our Video Health Check takes servicing your car to a whole new level.  This revolutionary bit of kit will now bring our workshop direct to your computer or mobile device.

If we find something worth bringing to your attention during your complementary vehicle health check, our technicians will film a short video to show and tell you about what they've identified along with any recommendations they'd suggest.

Once completed, you will be emailed a link to your vehicles inspection report where our technician will explain to you the work that we recommend needs doing, at a click of a button you can authorise all or any of the items identified - instantly instructing the technician taking care of your car.

This unique complimentary service is just one more Evans Halshaw benefit.

To book call 0333 323 9206 or enquire online.

How does it work?

1. Your technician will carry out your complimentary health check
2. If we find anything worth bringing to your attention a short video will be filmed
3. Once complete, you will receive an email including a link to the film
4. You will access your Vehicle Inspection Report where your technician will show and explain the work they recommend
5. If you wish to proceed, simply click 'AUTHORISE' to automatically instruct the technician to complete the repair.