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Introducing the Mii Electric

SEAT Mii Electric Charging

Now serving as the only available Mii in the SEAT line-up, the Mii has gone all-electric, offering an impressive range of up to 223 miles of city driving and a sub 1-hour charge time at a rapid public charging station.

Other than its 100% electric powertrain, it's the same as any other Mii you might see out and about. Small, stylish and super-simple to drive, this is an electric car that takes a lot of the stress, cost and emissions out of urban motoring.

Could this be the perfect first step into fully electric motoring? We think so. Learn more about the SEAT Mii Electric below.

Range and Charging

SEAT Mii Electric

The Mii electric has a range of up to 223 miles on a single charge in 100% city driving conditions. Take it further afield, on the motorway perhaps, and you'll be looking at more like 161 miles, which is still more than usable.

You can charge the Mii from 0-80% in four hours using a wallbox installed at your home, or less than one hour at a rapid public charging station. Based on current average electricity prices, SEAT say that it costs about £5.29 to charge the battery from empty to full - meaning it costs just 3.5p per mile to run an electric Mii.

Get behind the wheel of a Mii and you'll be surprised at just how nippy it is. With 0-31mph taking just 3.9 seconds, it accelerates much faster the old petrol Mii by some margin and the standard-fit automatic gearbox makes it extremely fun to drive.

Design and Practicality

SEAT Mii Electric

Proving that all-electric motoring doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style, the Mii has retained its sharp exterior look with only a few small badges letting you know that this is an electric car.

When it comes to practicality, the Mii is described as "exceptionally spacious and versatile for a city car" by expert review website Carbuyer, which tells you how well SEAT have done with the packaging of the car.

The five-door layout makes it easy to get in and out of, and the 251-litre boot is so large that it's actually comparable with superminis from the class above - it's even able to swallow some pushchairs.

Interior and Technology

SEAT Mii Electric

Because of the Mii's clever design and distinctive shape, the interior is actually really roomy and occupants, particularly in the front, will never feel cramped or lacking in space.

The seats are comfy and the dashboard is laid out as you would expect - no weird "futuristic" vibes in here, just a nice simple design that allows you to instinctively know where everything is.

It's very well equipped as standard too, with all models getting heated front seats, cruise control, rear parking sensors and alloy wheels included in the price.


SEAT Mii electric

Mii Electric

  • 16" alloy wheels in ‘Cosmo’ Grey Matt
  • Heated front sport seats
  • Cruise control
  • Fast charging (Combined AC/DC charging system)**
  • Lane assist & traffic sign recognition
  • DAB
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Up to 161 miles of range on a full-charge (223 miles 100% city driving)

Test drive the SEAT Mii electric

We'd recommend test driving any car before you buy it, but it's even more important with a car like the Mii electric, which will both surprise and delight you as soon as you get behind the wheel.

You drive it in the same way as a petrol or diesel car, but the electric motor is way more fun and costs much less to run at the same time. Take a test drive at Evans Halshaw SEAT Harrogate to experience the electric revolution for yourself, or browse our latest offers on this page.