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Evans Halshaw are pleased to announce the New Vauxhall Combo including the full trim level and pricing line-up. After 32 years since entering the Commercial Van market, Vauxhall are proud to introduce the 5th generation of Combo - an expected leading competitor to the segment.

The evolving Vauxhall Combo is now compact with a number of class-leading features and innovations, including load carrying capacity, load carrying flexibility, fuel economy, CO2 efficiency, driver position and comfort and safety and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

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Exterior and Practical Design

The body of the Combo is robust in appearance which reflects the reliability and precision of its overall driving ability. Its adaptable, vigorous yet sporty sense of character shines through, making it a solid contender in the commercial vehicle segment.

Unique to the New Combo is the underfloor architecture, which has been improved by an upgraded Commercial Vehicle rear chassis. Complimentary, are the ultra-efficient and first-class selection of engines with less CO2 emissions and improved fuel consumption. The range of petrol and diesel engine variants are there for you to make a suitable choice, dependant on your personal mileage and payload.

The capability and number of upgrades are state-of-the-art, offering a car-like ride, super-advanced driver assistance functions and shortened front and rear overhangs. Also featured are wide-spanned doors with concealed hinges, providing easy access for large items and increased protection against theft.

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Interior Enhancements

Inside the Vauxhall Combo is impressive, introducing a range of high-tech driver assistance systems all available within arm’s reach of the driver.

You will feel extremely safe and in control of the New Combo, with its improved and more upright seating position. This is complimented by its compact technology, which is easily manageable and permits for less distractions and enhanced driver efficiency.

What makes the new and improved Vauxhall Combo that much better, is the very capable cargo area. Easy access is an asset too, comprising practicality with wide-spanned rear swing doors and a kerbside (LHS) sliding door.

The standard load area is generous, offering a payload of up to 1000kg and a typical total cargo space is between 3.8 – 4.4m, available through the easy access sliding doors.


The FlexCargo pack provides a number of unique features, giving you the advantage above competitors. The stand out feature allows the passenger seat to fold down if needed, making way for extended cargo length comprising up to 3440mm. The new electric park-brake also provides extra space in the front cockpit and ensures for a more generously sized 3rd middle seat. In addition, this middle seat has the flexibility to fold down into an office table and the added bench-seat in the back is useful too.

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Technology Upgrades

You will benefit from all the latest driver assistance technology in your New Combo, giving you peace of mind when driving in various road and weather conditions. These safety features include Forward Collision Alert with Pedestrian Detection, Traffic Sign Recognition and Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist and Drowsiness Indicator. All of these extras are fixed in your New Combo to improve general driving ability and efficiency.

Unique to the New Vauxhall Combo and to the general segment are the advanced technologies, including the Surround Rear Vision (digital rear-view mirror), Flank Guard (prevents side damage from low-level obstructions), Overload Indicator (ensures driver maintains safe loading within vehicle capability) and Intelligrip (grip assistance in adverse conditions). All these features are state-of-the-art and specifically designed to assist with you and your Combo's day to day duties in the safest way possible.

Vauxhall Combo van technology

Combo Van Pricing

The Vauxhall Combo is available in a range of three trim levels including the Edition, Sportive and Limited Edition NAV (LE NAV) - all with a diverse choice of petrol or diesel and manual or automatic variants. The Vauxhall Combo Crewvan is offered too, which enables an extra row comprising 5 seats. There are two wheelbases or lengths (L1H1 and L2H1) available too.

  • Edition from £15,630*
  • Sportive from £17,705*
  • LE NAV from £18,905*
  • Crewvan from £18,605*

*Prices exclude VAT.

Enquire about the New Vauxhall Combo today, or visit your closest commercial site.

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