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Exciting times are ahead for Vauxhall as they reveal the GT X Experimental concept car. The car that gives us a glimpse of the imminent fully electric design, producing power by a 50kWh super-advanced lithium-ion battery, confirms the future is looking extremely bright for Vauxhall. Amazingly, we can also expect autonomous driving ability from the GT X Experimental, which allows the driver to intervene and respond on request.

The concept car is predicted to be in full production by the mid-2020s, comprising core Vauxhall values which are British, Ingenious, Progressive and Approachable.


Exterior Design

The new concept car takes the ‘bold and pure’ elements from Vauxhall’s GT concept in 2016, by mirroring its basic surfaces, robust proportions and prominent graphics. Though, the new GT X Experimental concept car embodies a unique design which is at the heart of the redefined British brand.

The face of the concept car takes its shape in a five-door, small but compact SUV, which is all-electric. As it stands, the GT X Experimental representative concept car reveals Vauxhall’s first physical vision for an electric future, with its front-end design elements and inductive charging facilities that will be extended to all Vauxhall production cars of the future.

The Vauxhall Compass

The all-new front end will be based around the ‘Vauxhall Compass’, where the two strong axes intersect the iconic Vauxhall Griffin emblem.

For the new end, the Vauxhall GT X Experimental concept car keeps the Griffin emblem as its major focus, placing it by the centre-crease line, between the wing-shaped daytime running lights and this bold, yet streamlined design is a hint at what is to expect from all future production cars. The rear end will mirror the front fascia, again comprising the Compass, and the Griffin badge taking its position upon the horizonal line of the wing-shaped rear lights.

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The Vauxhall Vizor

The Compass will be complimentary of the Vauxhall ‘Vizor’ on the front end, framing and housing all of the high-tech elements in the design concept, including the LED Griffin, LED headlights, wing-shaped daytime running lights, as well as the various complex cameras and sensors monitoring numerous driving functions.

Rear-hinged doors and absent B-Pillar

Get inside your state-of-the-art Vauxhall through a choice of four rear-hinged doors opening up to 90 degrees, giving an increased perception of space. Experience the illusion of spaciousness with an absent b-pillar and the lifted windscreen and roof, reaching an angle which rests right back to the rear seats.

Adding to its slick new movement, the GT X Experimental presents a super smooth exterior surface with the absence of door handles and exterior mirrors, and replaced with discreet cameras inserted at parallel sides of the bonnet.

Vauxhall GT X Concept with suicide doors and missing B pillar

Interior Design

The interior aims to maintain a sense of extended space by surrounding its driver and passenger with a panoramic windscreen/roof. The impression of space is also achieved by a subtle side window, which masks the bundle of innovations required for the airy effect.

The fresh, clean futuristic vibe is also attained with the four seats inside, which appear to be hovering whilst comprising removable speakers inside each individual headrest. Unique graphic details for Vauxhall include a cropped triangle theme, which appears on the backs of the seats, the accelerator and the brake pedals.

The Pure Panel

As parallel to the exterior ‘Vizor’, the ‘Pure Panel’ greets the driver and enables the driver or passenger to access the range of technology within easy reach. The panel is a wide screen display, designed as a stand out feature and an attempt to avoid much smaller screens and buttons seen in many manufactured cars today.

The steering wheel has been simplified too, but boasts an advanced-looking LED Vauxhall Griffin emblem which stays constantly upright, non-dependant of your steering wheel position.

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Vauxhall's Vision for the Future

A fresh new definition of the brand in the face of the GT X Experimental concept car, fits with Vauxhall’s PACE! Strategy, which is all about moving the business in the right direction for a more efficient and profitable future. The confidence begins at what Vauxhall already know is successful within their existing models, providing a ‘compass’ for what is essential for the future.

Vauxhall’s Group Managing Director, Stephen Norman said;

“Vauxhall is definitely not a prestige brand, and not a ‘me-too’ brand. But we make great cars, and people buy them because of their value, approachability, ingenuity and progressiveness…The GT X Experimental picks up on these reasons for purchase, reinforces them, and creates a clear template for design elements in Vauxhall production cars of the future.”

Vauxhall’s specific, British design, which concentrates on visual purity by leaving out unnecessary elements, embodies a glance of what Vauxhall aspire for in their future brand. The end result boasts bold proportions combined with a beautiful structure of curvaceously flowing surfaces. Something what Vauxhall’s official design team refer to as a ‘visual detox’, is what the face of the brand strives to evolve in to in the near future.

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