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Green Ford Focus RS More Photos

Over the month of September, several motor events have taken place and Ford has been particularly active. On Saturday 17 September, Evans Halshaw Ford hosted a Performance and Heritage Event at their dealerships. The same weekend a huge celebration of all things Ford took place at Santa Pod Raceway in Northants. This is the third year that the annual event has taken place and spectators were not disappointed by the incredible automotive extravaganza.

Ford Performance and Heritage Event

Celebrating the very best of Ford, from the traditional muscle car classics to the sporty RS range, this event was designed to showcase Ford's highlights.

Customers were invited to use a simulator to test drive the rapid Focus RS, and the Mustang and the powerful Mustang Shadow Edition. Particpants were able to experience the speed of these iconic machines on the Ford Life Size Configurator simulation which allows users to personalise their very own Ford vehicle on a nine screen HD Power Wall.

Members of the public could feel the raw power of American Muscle from the Ford Mustang and the Mustang Shadow Edition. Many were also baffled by the Mustang EcoBoost, with a top speed of 145 mph, doing 0-60 in 5.8 seconds, it's no wonder. For straight line grunt, the Shadow Edition is unrivalled in its' sheer pulling power and the brutish roar of its' ferocious 5.0 litre V8 engine.

People seeking an altogether different experience were able to ride the curves in the Focus RS simulation. The Focus RS is not sluggish either, its' 2.3-litre Eco-boost engine produces 350BHP. Designed to handle more efficiently when cornering with 4WD, its' agility and responsiveness make it a firm favourite among native thrill seekers.

Fordfest - Santa Pod

Evans Halshaw Ford Bedford also acted as a rendezvous for the Crown Victoria and KA Owners Clubs, who were on their way to FordFest, a national Ford owners Car meet held at Santa Pod Raceway in Northants. Ford car lovers from all over the country flocked to the famous dragstrip raceway to get up close and personal with a number of classic Ford's from yesteryear.

From the iconic Ford GT to the ever-popular Escort XR3i, and the classic Capri to the dominant Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4 there was something at Santa Podfor Ford lovers of all ages. The RS range was well represented with models Escort, Fiesta and Focus all in abundance. A special display of Racing Pumas was in attendance to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the lively 2-door coupe. Project Puma also celebrate their 20th year this year, with a growing community of Puma owners.

Visitors had the opportunity to enter the Handling course to test their wits against the challenging twists and turns of the course. Festivities at the raceway converged with a burn-off at the dragstrip. The crowd were deafened by custom-built hot rods and modified ST's blazing their way down the quarter mile strip.

To test drive one of our iconic current range, simply call in at one of our Evans Halshaw FordStores and we will be pleased to arrange for you to feel the power of Ford.

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