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In an effort to raise money and awareness for a wide number of local charities and sports clubs throughout the UK, Evans Halshaw Ford will be sending 'Active Archie' on a tour around some of the countries most popular landmarks in the latest Active range from Ford.

Ford have gradually released 'Active' versions of their most popular models, which have been designed for the motorist with an - yep, you guessed it - active lifestyle. Each car has been built to be more rugged, making them fit for the purpose of tackling outdoor pursuits with conviction and comfort.

Active Archie has already started his tour and will be visiting the various locations around the country until the end of April. There's even going to be a special event at the end of the tour so stay tuned for that one!

Overview of Ford Active Models

  • Ford Fiesta Active

    Inspired by Ford's range of SUVs, the Fiesta Active builds on its capable platform by including roof rails, body protection and unique 17" alloy wheels. Three selectable drive modes ensure you have grip in a variety of challenging conditions.

  • Ford KA+ Active

    The little KA+ may have been originally built to tackle the urban jungle, but the addition of rugged body trims and a raised ride height means the Active version can tackle the countryside with ease.

  • Ford Focus Active

    The critically acclaimed Focus gets a makeover that blends form with function to provide a distinctive crossover that is ready to take on a variety of activities. Selectable driving modes are able to optimise grip on challenging surfaces.

  • Ford Kuga

    It would be rude not to mention Ford's extensive and accomplished range of SUVs considering they were designed for the active lifestyle from the start, right? You will benefit from a car that tackle a range of weather conditions with ease.

Evans Halshaw Ford Glasgow

Active Archie hasn't had a girlfriend yet and said he likes the idea of getting a 'Glasgow Kiss' from one of the locals up there. Although we've tried to convince him it isn't what he thinks, Archie has been a naughty stuffed bear and decided to drive straight up to Scotland for his first visit, he even pinched the fuel card!

Active Archie will be visiting Cambuslang FC, a local children's football club. We're sure he will bring a few smiles to the faces of the children there while channeling his inner Messi. He has also decided to be generous and allow someone to take the car away for a long weekend. We will also be raffling an identical Active Archie off in a bid to raise money for local charities.

Active Archie visiting Cambuslang Football Club in Glasgow More Photos

Evans Halshaw Ford Preston

After a fun couple of days visiting the local charities and eating his body weight in good food (he's now really stuffed), Active Archie will have a busy couple of days lined up in Preston.

Archie spent the day with Kirstie Liggins, who attends different disability clubs such as Mencap and Guardian homecare. Kirstie has taken Archie along with her for some activities, which was meant to include swimming, but unfortunately Archie forgot his trunks. They also went to the library to read some books and a complete a jigsaw together.

He will also be visiting a local rugby club, taking part in some horse-riding lessons and popping into the large shopping centre! Note: Please don't feed the bear, we barely got permission for him to visit the shopping centre in the first place!

Active Archie visiting Preston's local disability clubs with Kirstie Liggins More Photos

Evans Halshaw Ford Old Trafford

Active Archie said he fancies a trip to Manchester and that is where he will be headed!

Since Old Trafford is home to one of the biggest football clubs in the world, he has decided to visit... erm, the Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City... right. Active Archie's favourite colour is Ford blue so it does make sense, sort of.

Besides visiting the Etihad Stadium, Active Archie will be visiting the velodrome, the Hawthorns school for those with learning disabilities and a number of local sports clubs.

Active Archie will also be taking the time to visit the Bees in the City charity.

Active Archie at Salford Lads Club More Photos

Evans Halshaw Ford Hull

Active Archie wanted to head straight to The Deep aquarium to help himself to some large salmon, but we didn't think the salmon would appreciate that.

Instead, he will be dropping in and saying hi to those who take part in park runs on the weekend as well as  paying a visit to a number of local football and rugby clubs.

Although Active Archie isn't old enough to use the equipment in the gyms, he still wants to visit them and show some encouragement to the active community. He is a top gent.

Active Archie admiring the Humber Bridge near Hull More Photos

Evans Halshaw Ford Wolverhampton

It took a lot of convincing to get Active Archie to agree to visit Wolverhampton, thankfully he now knows there aren't actually any wolves there so he is adding the city to the list.

Archie is a bit of a football fanatic, and has decided to visit Wolverhampton Wanderers, although he isn't a fan of the orange! Besides that, he will be dropping in via the Marstons Brewery, the Aldersley Running Stadium and Wolverhamption Science Park.

Active Archie reckons he will be really tired after playing football and performing science experiments, so has decided to chill out and visit the local hospice so he can make some new friends.

Active Archie visiting the JD Gyms More Photos

Evans Halshaw Ford Bedford

When we were looking at the map, Archie got really excited at the thought of visiting Bedford because it incorporates his two favourite things - beds and Fords.

Unfortunately for Archie, there won't be much time for sleeping because he has a wide range of activities planned. We thought it would be funny to take him indoor skydiving, we haven't told him this yet so look out for the pictures!

Staying a bit more grounded, Archie will be visiting the local rugby club to say hi and unleash his inner Lawrence Dallaglio. He also reckons he is a master wake boarder after playing some online video games, which should certainly be entertaining.

Around the same time, Active Archie has decided he wants to attend the Happy Days charity event taking place in the middle of April, we hope the children will be pleased to see him!

Active Archie visiting the Bedford Blues More Photos

Evans Halshaw Ford