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French car maker Citroën have an ability of making boldly unique cars. You only have to take a look at their current model line-up to see how their individuality and innovation makes them easily recognisable from other mainstream manufacturers.

The thing is, Citroën have been doing this for years, and perhaps one of their most famous cars, and arguably one of the prettiest, most innovative ever created is their iconic Citroën DS, a car which graced the Evans Halshaw Citroen Stockport dealership recently.

First introduced at the 1955 Motor Show in Paris, the Citroën DS caused quite stir, and by the end of the first day Citroën had collected a monumental 12,000 deposits. Italian auto designer - Flaminio Bertoni designed the incredible DS, which is still hailed as one of the prettiest and best looking cars ever created, a common statement made by customers who happened to see an example of this incredible car whilst at Evans Halshaw. One can only imagine what people in 1955 thought - 12,000 people obviously believed it was something quite special.

DS happens to be a play on the French word 'déesse' - which is French for goddess, a name truly fitting for the cars beauty and presence. However, just because the DS was a looker, didn't mean it hadn't got the brains to match. The DS was the first production car to be fitted with disc brakes and cornering headlamps, as well as innovative and ground-breaking hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension, which, unlike most cars did not use steel springs. Instead, the DS had oil and nitrogen filled 'spheres' which controlled the cars fine damping - a system which made the car so comfortable that the design was thought of in high regard by non-other than Rolls Royce, who eventually purchased the design to use on their own cars.

And, if that wasn't enough, what better way to promote a car, than have a president commend the car for saving his life. French president Charles de Gaulle did just that. President de Gaulle's DS was the target of machine gun fire in an attempted assassination, where, despite the car suffering from punctured tyres was able to still remain level and steady, thanks to the hydropneumatic suspension, allowing the president to make a swift getaway - how's that for marketing!

The DS has also been the subject of many polls, often stating the car as one of the most beautiful or influential. The DS also made its mark in 'The Car of the Century' (COTC) award, which is an international award given to the most influential car from the 20th century. The DS came in an impressive 3rd place, only being pipped by the impressive Ford Model T and classic Mini.

 It was a real treat having this car at Evans Halshaw, and we have put together a small photo album on this incredible car below.

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