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Fuel prices are rarely out of the headlines because they have such a fundamental impact on our lives, affecting not only how much we spend at the pumps but also on our groceries, public transport and the goods we use. Higher fuel prices mean higher agricultural, energy, construction and materials costs for everybody - people and businesses alike.

This research, commissioned by Evans Halshaw, shows which countries have the most expensive diesel prices in the world, as well as charting disposable income against expenditure on diesel in these countries.

Top 10 most expensive countries

most expensive diesel prices in the world
Norway has the most expensive diesel in the world by quite a margin - £1.69 per litre, with the UK in second place at £1.39. Perhaps surprisingly, the cheapest country on the list is Norway's neighbour Finland at £1.19 per litre.

Apart from Israel, all countries in the world's ten most expensive are in Europe. European fuel taxes are, unsurprisingly, the highest in the world.

Average monthly dispolable income vs. diesel expenditure

Norway had one of the lowest average diesel expenditures, despite its soaring diesel prices. Thanks to its being among the highest-earning countries in Europe, Norwegians spend just 6.17 per cent of their monthly income on diesel.

This is less than the Brits at 8.07 per cent, and far less than the Greeks who spend nearly a fifth of their income on diesel. The people of Israel and Iceland, who have relatively cheap diesel, nonetheless spend large proportions of their incomes on it.

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