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Ford Blue Service is a range of services available from Ford, that allows you to relax knowing we’re always by your side. With Ford Blue Service you can drive comfortably, knowing that assistance is always at hand.

One Call

One easy number to access all of the Ford Services 24/7.

  • Whatever you need, Ford One Call can connect you to all our services, including:
  • Ford Accident Management
  • Ford finance and insurance
  • Plus, Dealer locations, technical information and more

Make sure you save this number:

FORD One Call
0203 564 4444

Pothole Check

Potholes can be more damaging than you think!

For every one mile of road there’s a pothole! Bad weather can make the problem worse, with more motorists at risk of experiencing damage to their cars from driving over potholes.

Not only are potholes uncomfortable to drive over, they can also be the cause damage to your car’s wheel alignment, tyres and suspension problems -which accounts for over a third of mechanical issues on UK roads.

The effects of pothole damage can happen gradually, so you may not even realise or notice a loss in your car’s performance, but over time potholes can cause unevenly worn tyres, compromise handling, increase braking distances and fuel consumption.

A balanced suspension and correct wheel alignment are both essential to guarantee driving performance. It also means you get the better traction from your tyres which will last longer with better road holding and a smoother more comfortable ride.

Make sure your car is driving safely and smoothly

There’s no better time to register your Ford for a free wheel alignment and suspension check at your nearest Evans Halshaw. Our expert Ford technicians will run a trained eye over your car in full and you’ll also receive a complimentary vehicle health check report for complete peace of mind.

Contact us to register for your complimentary pot hole damage check today or call us to book an appointment on 0333 323 7154


Accident Management

Had an accident? Ford Accident Management is a fully managed service here to assist in handling your claim. Our service is free and available to all Ford owners.
Making an insurance claim can be frustrating, so let our experts help you through the process. Just contact us on  0203 564 4444 and we will:
• Recover your vehicle where it cannot be driven
• Provide you with a free replacement vehicle during the repair
• Liaise with your insurance company after notification to process the claim and have repairs approved
• Provide assistance in the completion of claim forms
• Ensure your vehicle is repaired at a Ford approved Accident Repair Centre using genuine Ford parts by trained technicians


FORD eCHECK provides a thorough visual inspection of your car, including its wheels and tyres, bodywork, wiper blades, oil and filter, brakes and hubs, steering and suspension, so you know if anything needs attention:

Free 30-point visual inspection by Ford trained technicians
Detailed electronic report provides explanation of any findings
Simple red, amber, green traffic light system shows any recommended repairs or replacements:

  • Red items need urgent attention  
  • Amber items need to be watched closely, but could save you time and money if they are dealt with before they deteriorate further
  • Green items are all clear

Receive a competitive estimate upfront for any work needed, including the use of quality Ford parts where necessary 


Terms and conditions apply.

For more information call us on 0333 323 7156